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GSO 8x50mm Straight Through Achromatic Finder - White

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  • High quality 8x50 finder makes it easier to hunt faint objects with your telescope
  • Large 50 mm aperture lets you star hop using fainter stars and see many deep-sky objects directly
  • Large field of view makes it easy to pick out fainter guidepost stars
  • Made with machined aluminum tube with glossy white finish
  • Presents a traditional inverted reversed image

Replace the small 24mm or 30mm finder telescope that came with your telescope with this excellent 50mm achromatic finder! With this finder, you will actually start seeing many of the faint fuzzies you're searching for. This same finder is sold by one of the "Big Three" telescope companies and several other smaller companies under their own brand names for significantly higher prices.

This is a very high quality yet economical finder. It features a multi-coated achromatic objective and single eyepiece cross-hairs that allow for precise centering of faint objects. This finder provides an inverted, reversed image and has a white tube finish with black dewshield/eyepiece as shown in the accompanying photo. The finder comes with two plastic end caps. The eyepiece body is made of high-quality molded ABS plastic. The rest of the finder is beautifully CNC-machined from aluminum and powder coated to a glossy finish. The inside of the tube is painted a flat black and the inside of the dewshield features v-grooves to minimize spurious reflections and maximize contrast.

To focus the finder:

(i) Turn the focus lock ring (on the tube right behind the dewshield) towards the eyepiece as far back as it will go.

(ii) Turn the objective dewshield in either direction until you reach focus while looking into the eyepiece.

(iii) Turn the focus lock ring towards the dewshield until it locks into place and can turn no farther. Focus will be locked in this position.

Please note: The eyepiece crosshairs are not focusable.

You can purchase an optional GSO quick-release dovetail bracket and a variety of dovetail bases for different applications. Or you can mount the finder in your own 50mm finder bracket if the bracket has an inner diameter larger than 53mm.


Total length = 239mm (9.41")
Weight = 10.8 oz
Tube diameter = 53mm (2.09")
Dewshield diameter = 58mm (2.28")
Made in Taiwan


Note: Occasionally, the product you receive might have a slightly different cosmetic appearance or labeling than what is shown. This can often change from batch to batch according to the whims of the manufacturer. However, you will always receive a brand new, original product as described above.

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