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USB adapter GuideDreamST4
is designed to control the mounts on which there is a port of autoguider ST-4,
during astro photography. GuideDreamST4 is compatible with many operating
systems and does not require an additional power source. This is a small but
important part of the overall system, which allows you to economically automate
your telescope for long exposures in astrophotography. GuideDreamST4 works
through an ASCOM or INDI driver and can be used with the following software
packages: AstroArt, PRISM 8, GuideMaster, PHD-Guide, Maxim DL, IRIS, AstroSnap,
ProGuider, MetaGuide and many others compatible with ASCOM v6.


This USB autoguider is compatible with
all mounts having standard ST4 autoguider port. Here is a list with some
popular examples:

EQ6 Pro

EQ6 Syntrek

HEQ5 Pro

HEQ5 Syntrek

EQ5 Goto

Old Eq5 upgraded with Synscan goto kit.

EQ3 Goto

Old Eq3 upgraded with Synscan goto kit.

Celestron CAM goto (Celestron Advanced

and others
having an ST-4 port


Also GuideDreamST4 can work in a set of
mount control systems -




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