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When the Gold Rush ear was still in affect, portable gold dredges was nothing but a dream. Most of the miners were restricted to only being able to work on the river banks and shallows, as well as areas that could be easily reached with their hand tools used. But after carefully surveying their dredge plans, they quickly discovered that the riverbeds hold the richest parts of the river's, but only being able to use gold pans, rockers, and sluice boxes, they were unfortunately left stranded on the river banks when it came to mining for gold. That quickly became something of the past, as technology advanced, portable gold dredges was introduced.

The dredges in use today are much lighter, more portable and more efficient than that which was used in the early 1900's, allowing the miners to reach the deeper areas of the rivers. Portable gold dredges can weigh around forty pounds, and it is easier to get more dredge supplies, and if you were to find used dredges for sale, you would pay a reasonable amount of money for it. These items will allow you to mine in areas that seemed too difficult, or unreachable with the use of heavy, cumbersome equipment.

The three most commonly used dredges of today are the surface dredge, the submergible dredging tube, and the underwater dredge. The most popular, versatile and efficient gold recovery instrument of the three, according to the ams foundation, is the surface dredge. This instrument floats of the surface of the water, collecting fine particles of gold which are pumped to a sluice box by the means of a suction hose. The sluice box is either placed on the river banks, or it can also float on the water's surface. This is the ams foundation's preferred choice for mining of the three available. The reason for this is that the surface dredge can be easily operated with or without the use of diving equipment.

The underwater dredge and submersible dredging tube are almost identical. But both are not as popular as the surface dredge, as they lack the ability to recover fine gold particles. They are designed for compactness and portability, yet they are limited to their applications, therefore making it uncomfortable to handle when underwater. They must be level and firm when submerged, and cannot reach hard to get areas. Water is pumped at a high pressure to the bend of the instrument, where a vacuum is created. The gold is trapped in a riffle tray which is located at the back of the instrument. Seeing an underwater gold dredge for sale is a common sight as a result of its low popularity.

The first dredging machines were introduced in the early 1900's, as massive three hundred pound instruments, but with technology advancing, as did the experience of the miner's and dredging companies. As a result, portable gold dredges, which all gold miner's lives easier, was introduced, making this the highly sought after mining industry it is today.

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How do you clean 'mock/imitation' gold/brass door handles?

We have just moved into a new house, it has been empty for a year and on all the internal doors there are gold coloured handles, any ideas the best way to clean them? soap and water is not working.
if they cant be cleaned, why sell them?

try white vinegar

Can you handle a day with Moluccan Cockatoo, Blue Gold Macaw, Umbrella Cockatoo, Goffin Cockatoo, and a Keet

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