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Before introduction of the 3 Skype Phones in the market, people used computers to make free calls to their near and dear ones who are living out of the country. If any one wanted to make a call out of the country, he was required to carry the computer along with them. To avoid this inconvenience, now the 3 Skype Phones are launched in the market. These phones facilitate the users to make calls to other countries at any time and anywhere. These are the world's first fully integrated mobile phones that comes with sleek dimensions and offer all the advanced features that modern mobile users expect in the latest mobile phones.

These phones let their users to make free calls to other Skype subscribers wherever they are all over the world. If they want to call other network users, they have to pay some amount of money for making the calls. Apart from the basic Skype features, these handsets are also enabled with all the features that allow the users to make regular calls, send SMS, playing games, listening to songs and taking pictures.

Superb performance, stylish looks and flexibility in using the options, everything come easy with the 3 Skype mobile phones as they come with seamless mobile solutions and outstanding performance. These lovely handsets come with dimensions of 44 x 13.6 x 100 mm and has a lightweight of 86 grams that allow their users to handle them with complete ease. The crystal clear and glassy screen allures the users with its colourful display that comes with 256K colours and offers a high resolution of 176 x 200 pixels. While making the video calls, the reliable battery of these gadgets delivers an approximate talktime of 118 minutes on one charge. For normal calls, the standard battery of these phones offers an approximate standby and talktime of 202 and 199 minutes, respectively.

When it comes to camera features, the 3 Skype mobile phones are equipped with a camera of 2.0 mega pixels that enables the users to capture their unforgettable memories of their lives.

To offer high-speed and great Internet browsing, these phones come with super fast browser that lets the users to access all the Internet web pages, sites and services at an amazing speed. The integrated MP3 player of these 3 Skype phones supports file formats like AMR-NB, AAC, AAC+, E-AAC+, MIDI, MP3, WMA and WAV that allow the users to stay connected with their favourite music besides facilitating the download of these file formats from 3 Music store. These compact mobile phones are available in white with blue trim, white with pink trim and black colours in the market.

To transfer data from other mobile phones, these phones are compatible with Bluetooth connectivity. To download the favourite music and to save the useful information, these phones are embedded with 10 MB of internal memory and have a microSD card slot. They come with a CD that contains PC Synchronisation software that is only compatible with Windows. It comes with Window drivers that allow the users to use their phone as a USB modem and they can connect it to a laptop or desktop computer. The users can make free call from their local area. But, when they are on roaming, the users of these phones have to pay data roaming charges for making calls. Call duration is considered by in Megabytes.

The users of these 3 Skype phones can be able to call only 3G network users as their phones are locked to the 3G network by their operators until paying the full amount for the handset. If you are looking for a mobile phone with Skype features, the 3 Skype Phones are the best option for your usage of a mobile phone. If your friends have a Skype phone, you can enjoy by making free calls to them with the help of the 3 Skype phone.

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Painting door trims in a car. Tips?

Hi, I am customizing a car.

So I am gonna paint the door trims in red or silver as it has red leather on seats,etc...

But i'm afraid the colour will fade around the handles etc..
To minimize this, do u have any tips?
Like primer, etc...

rather than normal paint, use a "UCV" interior paint, it will last the longest on an interior. You can get it in many colors, but they are not very shiny. Use an aluminum oxide primer, it will give you the best bond to most surfaces, except plastic. On plastic, use "rustoleum tru-bond" from the hardware store.

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