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HeaterDream12 - Heater Strip for Telescopes 11 - 12"
(landing size 320 - 350??)


HeaterDream is a heating
system for the optics of telescopes, eyepieces and photographic lenses designed
to prevent dew (fogging) and frost on the optics during visual observations and
photography. The main difference between HeaterDream and similar systems is the
lack of the need to purchase a heating control controller. It is already built
into every HeaterDream system. Those. having bought the system and having
connected the power, we immediately get the working device without having to
buy additional units. The use of modern technologies made it possible to make
the controller compact, easy and to place it on the power wire. Control is made
by only one button, each press of which is accompanied by sound signals.


How to use

The HeaterDream system requires a 12V DC
power source. After the power is connected, a single sound signal will sound,
which corresponds to the low power of the heater. To control the power of the
heater in the controller, the PWM algorithm is applied, which saves a lot of
battery power, which is extremely important in the field. The controller
supports three levels of heater power - low, medium and high. Each press of a
button is accompanied by one, two or three beeps. The number of audio signals
strictly corresponds to the level of the selected power. One signal corresponds
to a low power, two sound signals correspond to an average heating power and
three sound signals correspond to a high heating power.

If dew has already appeared on your
optics, then in this case you should set the maximum heating power and wait
20-30 minutes until the droplets of moisture disappear from the optical surface
of your telescope. In the case of eyepieces, the time is somewhat shorter, and
as a rule does not exceed 5-10 minutes. Then, it is necessary to reduce the
power, selecting the value at which no further fogging will occur.

HeaterDream heaters should be tightly
wrapped around the eyepieces or telescope lens and secured with Velcro. In the
case of heating telescopes, it is best to wrap the heating pads around the pipe
closer to the lens or corrector.



Heating controller - inbuilt

The maximum length of the heater is 1100

Power – 20 W

Power supply - 12V

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