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Wedge and telescope not included. Only what is shown in the first two pictures is included.
Tripod is 52 inches high with legs extended. The center post can be raised to add another 22 inches.
The wedge is being sold in another listing. If you want both, the price is $150, with the total shipping cost the same as for the tripod. Let me know if interested, then I will change the listing.

Make sure this is the tripod you want. The C8 telescope base cannot mount directly to this tripod, but instead mounts on a wedge which mounts on the tripod. The round tripod plate has a 1/4x20 post in the middle, surrounded by six holes, each 65mm from the post. Three of the holes are 5/16" diameter, while  the other three are 5/16x18 threaded holes.
Shipping is very expensive because UPS uses "dimensional weight" for shipping. So even the box only weighs 21 lbs, UPS charges for 41 lbs because of the size of the box (12x13x36).

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