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Eyepiece/Accessory tray for use with iOptron CEM25, iEQ30 and IEQ45 Telescopes Astro Imaged on one side!. Flip the tray over and you can also use it as a standard black tray!
Quality:Laser cut from 13 gauge steel (which is magnetic) and black powder coated to prevent rustingAstroimaged on one side with 3M Vinyl Image..Holds four 2" eyepieces and five each 1 1/4" eyepieces.Has one handbox control retainers on tray perimeter.12" x 18"  Weight 6lbs.Manufactured in the Continental United States of America. 
Convenience:You are right in the middle of observation and want to switch from a 24mm 1/1/4" barreled eyepiece to a 17mm 2" barreled eyepiece? Oops! The 2" eyepiece is stored somewhere but you can't remember where. So, you leave the telescope and grope around in the dark to find the 2". This is a pain in the neck. With an eyepiece tray, you can have your eyepieces within arms reach and you will never have to bend over to get an eyepiece from a "tray" that is used as a tripod leg spreader.

Easy installation.  

Eyepiece/Accessory tray sits on top of the tripod or pier.

Equitorial or altazimuth head then sits on top of the tray.

Tray and head are secured to tripod using normal attachment bolts.

Tray does not sit between the tripod legs where accessories are not easy to reach.

Tray puts your eyepieces and accessories within arms reach.

You never have to leave your telescope to change an eyepiece! 

Nothing will ever fall from this tray onto the ground.

Everything is within arms reach. 

Tray not only adds convenience, but is attractive as well.

This is the best accessory for the money.

You will not be disappointed.

Quality Assurance:Eyepiece trays are physically examined and photographed before shipment to ensure they are damage free.
Packaging:Trays are packaged and shipped in a reusable cardboard container that is lined with bubble wrap and foam. Trays may be stored/transported in these reusable containers. You are not charged for this quality packaging.
Shipment:Trays in stock are shipped FedEx directly to your front door in about 4-7 days after confirmation of payment. Items damaged during shipment must be refused and returned at time of delivery.  
Returns:Returns are accepted. The tray must be returned in its undamaged original condition. A $17.00 restocking fee will be charged and the difference will be returned. 
Offers: Purchase offers of any kind are not accepted.

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