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 For sale is an excellent Ioptron StarTracker mount. I have had this out maybe 5 times total. It is one of the most stable imaging platforms using a DSLR and lenses. I have gone out 8min using a Canon 20Da, 12nm Ha filter, with a canon nifty fifty lens with round stars.

Reason for selling, I have purchased a Losmandy Star Lapse mount, basically the RA from a G-8 mount. This is so I can use my Canon 70-200mm IS USM lens which is way too much for the StarTracker to manage.

Now for full disclosure. Minor details at worst.

1) I found that the base plate, picture five, did not secure tightly with the provided screw. This screw allows you to move in azimuth without worrying about the head coming off the plate with your camera attached. It did allow a rocking motion back and forth , which was unacceptable for imaging. I removed it and secured the base plate using only the side set screw which prevented this rocking. Needless to say, I cannot find this screw. You could probably get a replacement screw form Ioptron, but again I found it unusable. I used the center shaft in an old Celestron mount to adjust in Azimuth.

2) The rubber that covers the set screws on the RA plate came off with tightening. Again I found them to slip, so used a screw driver to secure to this plate. Yes, you probably could get replacements from Ioptron but you are better using a screwdriver.

So basically you are getting a completely refined mount, removing two problem issues.

This one does come with the polar alignment scope, which I found to be the easiest to use, much easier than Losmandy or AP PA scopes.

I highly recommend getting the Ioptron polar alignment APP for this mount, which makes alignment a breeze.

Auction includes any payment fees. 

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