Some deals get hundreds of rates for bids but some go far more slowly getting only some bids or even probably none at all for days. Auctions are generally much slower during the summer months than they are in the winter space and sales on amazon are slowing each year as more sellers as compared to buyers sign up hoping to get rich quick. There are various of ways that you can benefit from slower auctions to get the best price.

Wait to Bid.
If you bid next everyone can see youre interested - and that could create them interested way too. Leaving the item by itself for as long as you can keep will make it look less popular and make the price down so you can come in at the eleventh hour and get a bargain.
Create an Offer.
If the retailer is selling something using Buy it Now also it still hasnt marketed when the auction is about to end use eBays Best Offer want to make them an offer on it. The chances are theyve shown the item two or three periods before and theyll be so annoyed for the prospect of re-listing the idea yet again that theyll agree to your offer just to get rid of the thing.
Conspire along with other Buyers. Jason model 325 spaceranger telescope
You might not have thought of this however if there are two auctions for similar item and only you and one other buyer are bidding why not get together and work out the you take this one and Ill take of which one deal This avoids you raising the purchase price on both auctions to get one each. If someone makes a few friends you can also work together on sale long-term taking it inside turns to bid.
Be Snobbish.
Send the seller emails asking questions around the condition of the object and making it very clear that you are a discerning customer and will only recognize things of the top quality. This will make them feel better about selling you the item for less.
Never Feel Guilty.
At this time there really are too many suppliers on eBay at this point to the point where you can get typical items at small prices. Long-term this will almost certainly force those suppliers out of business but thats how a market works space its supply and demand.
Buy in Bulk.
When auctions are slow many sellers will have received the same stock for a long period. If you offer to adopt ten things down their hands all at one time then you can almost name your price - the chances are that theyll slip over themselves to give you a good deal. If you revisit again and buy yet another ten items subsequently theyll love you more.
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Jerr James is a Ten year Internet marketing veteran plus an eBay Power Owner of 4 years. His her website The Auction Source Network reveals his inside of secrets tips and also sources that help him pocket over 10500 per month on auction web sites. His proven step-by-step process shows even people with little or no company experience how they can also make huge revenue selling products with online auctions.
Jason model 325 spaceranger telescope

The Fantasy Sports Phenomenon
Fantasy sports are fast becoming a popular topic in the media today. Popular fantasy sports web sites like Yahoo Fantasy Sports CBS Fantasy Football ESPN Fantasy Football and FOX Fantasy Football have all been designed by internationally acknowledged media names and new concepts are currently being developed throughout the year by little and medium sized fantasy entrepreneurs at the same time.

Inside a March 2009 report titled Best Startup Markets for 2009 by Karen E. Spaeder a writer for Spaeder reports The Fantasy Sports Trade Association estimates that upwards of 20 million mostly male North Americans participate in fantasy sports leagues using a market place size of more than 1.

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