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Excellent mechanical condition, only used a few times for photography.
Includes JMI motor but no hand controller. This has a flat base, not curved.

Please read the following details before buying:

Manually this is a 1-speed focuser.
The motor is capable of slow speed.
*** This sale does not include a hand controller. ***
I have seen used JMI controllers, and after-market controllers, advertised on the web.
This sale does include a controller cable.
I used that cable and a 9v battery to verify the motor works fine.
I bought this focuser+motor new in 2004.
Before you buy any controller, you should contact Farpoint (which recently bought
JMI) and verify whether this motor runs on 9v or 5v.

The flat base of this focuser means it is designed to be mounted on a flat surface.
Because of the limited travel of the draw tube, I do not believe this will work on a round tube.

The specs as measured by me using dial calipers are:
The drawtube has 0.61 inches of travel. General extension tubes are common.
The drawtube is 2 inches long.
The max drawtube depth below the base is 0.25 inches.
The max drawtube height above the base is 0.73 inches. The 1.25 inch adapter adds 0.042 inches.
The height of the base is 1.615 inches.
The spacing of mounting holes is 2.75 inches.

Cosmetically, you can see light tool marks on the base near the drawtube
at the 9 o'clock position of the 2nd jpg.
It has 3 slots I cut in the drawtube for adjustable positioning of 2 lock screws
in the 1.25" adapter (included).
I also drilled and tapped holes for 2nd lock screws in both the drawtube and 1.25" adapter,
plus a hole to move the base's nylon lock screw from the back of the focuser to the front.

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