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Camping trips are great breaks from usually hectic daily routines of city living. It takes your mind off from unnecessary pressures and gives you a fresher perspective on things. But camping should not be for the busy adult in the family only. Camping is ideally a family affair and should be enjoyed by everyone, including kids. Lining up fun and enjoyable activities for your kids to do will not only keep them from being bored and from complaining all throughout the trip thereby giving you some time on your hands to relax, but choosing the right camping activity for your kids can also develop some of their outdoor survival skills. Here are some of those activities:

Swimming – most campsites are favored with a refreshing lake or a brook. Some man-made commercial campsites also come with pools for adults and for kids. Simply make sure that the place is safe for your kids and that should any untoward event happen, you are within hearing distance.

Biking – Campsites usually have great biking trails which come with excellent view of nature. Biking is also one of the activities that both parents and kids can enjoy together. As long as you have your map of the vicinity in hand as well as your first aid kit, you should be guaranteed of a great workout as well as bonding time with your children.

Bird and Animal-Watching – Nothing brings you closer to nature and the great outdoor as camping does. The rare wildlife and the natural environment will surely be a break from your kids rural recreation of malling and video games. Other than offering a chance for an entirely different experience, bird and animal watching is a very colorful activity and can also be very educational and could develop in your child the love for the great outdoors.

Scavenger Hunts – Kids love imitating the adventures they seen on television. Why not organize a scavenger hunt where they can use their skills at reading and deciphering clues and develop critical thinking skills? Just make sure that you limit your hunt within a safe vicinity and that they know which prickly plants to avoid such as poison ivy, sumac and oak.

Build a Campfire – Most parents want to hoard all the fun of building campfires to themselves. They think building campfires are simply not for kids and that they can come into the picture only when it is ready for roasting mallows and hotdogs. But parents should keep in mind that kids can help in building the campfire, too. It gives them the secured feeling of being needed and included in the whole camping affair and that they are well-trusted enough to contribute something like gathering twigs and small logs for fire, gathering stones for the campfire and arranging the whole area for the campfire.

These are just five of the many great camping activities for kids to do. The best part about having fun at camping is that parents can always put a twist or a variation in these activities so kids donÂ’t find it monotonous and boring.

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Dose any one know a good electronics kit for beginners?

I'm trying to learn the basics of electronics and I tried reading electronic books but it's too confusing.I'm looking for a electronics set thant includes the basic components (resistors, capacitors,transistors ect.) tells you how they work and allows you to build a few circuits. I don't want a set for little kids but I don't want anything too complicated.I would really appreciate if anyone could help me out.

For the best possible advice, I highly recommend you contact your local supplier or the Manufacturer.

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