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Car Emergency Kits Can Save Lives

Car emergency kits are the essential tools for any automobile. Emergencies take place when we least suppose them - and best method to avoid being trapped for long period on deserted road is to get equipped with the car emergency kit. Kit must include tools for the car repairs and essentials like first aid kit, emergency solar blanket, blanket, water, and food. Granola or else energy bars are perfect food for the roadside emergencies. First aid kit must have basics like bandages, gauze, antibiotic ointment, adhesive tape, instant heat compress, instant ice pack, scissors, and aspirin or else other pain relievers.

Car emergency kits must also include a flashlight with some extra batteries, pen and paper, emergency flares, and a help sign to put in window for passing the vehicles to see if you are trapped inside the car. Flat tires are the leading causes for the roadside emergencies. Each vehicle must get equipped with the necessary tools to change a tire and the driver must study how to change the tire before driving. Make sure to have a spare tire, tire pressure gauge, vehicle jack, and lug wrench. Other handy things to have accessible are bottled tire inflator and if tire is not very flat, you can inflate tire adequate to get to the service station.

While it comes to the survival kits you have to ensure that you are having one in each practical place and not only you should have one in your home - but one inside your car as well. I know my parents would also keep a first aid emergency kit in their car. The kit that you have for your car must contain gauze, bandages, and band-aids to name some.

Your survival and emergency car kit at home must have more to it and must be larger with the intention that it will help your whole family. Ensure that you will keep this car emergency kit in safe area in order that it will not be destroyed and you can take it easily. Kits should have lighting, water, food, first aid, sanitation, supplies to communicate with others, and shelter.

Supplies that you buy need to be stored and work without electricity or else running water. It means that any of the communication supplies and radios should make use of batteries in place of plugs thus you may need to accumulate on those. Food you get must be canned or else dry and must have late expiration date and therefore they will not spoil. Car emergency kits can save lives.

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By M. Applebaum

to wondering star i brought a kit to change my stereo but cannot find the plug for the speakers?

the guy in halfords said the lead is longer for the speaker lead as i will need to trace back the wirirng loom to find the plug as it is different to the one that plugs into the factory stereo any idea??????

why not email me its easier, but what car & stereo u got ?

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