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Lacerta M-Gen II standalone autoguider. This auto guider is in excellent condition.This has served me well in the dozen (or so) times I used it.  It's easy to learn and is a very accurate auto guider.  I used it in both a guide scope and in a OAG - both worked very well.  I ran it off of a 12v portable power supply way out in the boonies of Florida - no electricity within miles (cigarette lighter power cord adapter included but not in picture).  I never did use all the other features that it has. With this guider in control of my tracking,  I usually took 2 to 5 minute images with a DSLR in my scope, then stacked and processed them - which really improved my final images. Instruction manual is online - did not come in the box.  My age and my health have changed my priorities from astronomy to traveling, so I am offloading some gear.  If you want to guide, but don't want to wrestle a laptop, this M-Gen II is one of the best standalone autoguiders there is.I paid $780 plus shipping 

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