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25 Inch F5 Parabolic Telescope Mirror

Here we are offering a used 25" F5 parabolic mirror in excellent condition with original packaging. This was a one owner mirror purchased from Galaxy Optics and a telescope was built around this. As the current owner is now having some difficulty climbing a ladder to use this large scope, he has decided to part with this mirror as well as the secondary mirror (see other auctions) in favour of a smaller scope.

If you are looking at this I'm sure you already understand how expensive these are new, our asking price is still quite a bargain if you are looking to build up a large telescope.

Shipping will have to be by courier and most likely ground delivery due to the weight (75lbs) large size and delicate nature. I would expect shipment to the USA to cost $200-300 but I'll get an exact price once I have a buyer and an address.

Below are details sent to me by the owner, (I am a consignment seller), if you have more questions please email and I'll do my best to get answers.

" OK about the mirror, it is a 25inch f5 parabolic mirror, weighs 74lbs, the mirror coating is enhanced aluminum, 96% to 97% reflectivity, standard coating is about 88% to 90% there are 3 over coatings like the antireflection coatings on glass lens but designed to increase the reflectivity, coatings are done by the manufacturer Galaxy Optics, the glass blank was Pyrex made by Corning. Pyrex has low thermal expansion. Coma is low in an f5 mirror compared to fast f4 and f3.5 so doesn't need a coma corrector, options may differ though. "

Combined Shipping is ALWAYS an option as is LOCAL PICK-UP

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