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Dear customer, we offer for purcase pieces of Libyan Desert Glass . Some  has a Gems nice full or semi translucent with  tiny regmaglypt some other items  with  deep hole! Just  check all the photos.We provide free international delivery including tracking number.
Formed by a massive impact near the Libyan border with Egypt, this impactite is one of the most sought after type. As a result if the heat and pressure of the impact event, desert sands were melted and formed a translucent impact glass in a a wide range of shapes. Ancient Egyptians already knew about these rocks, and they picked them up and used them to make jewelry for the Pharaohs, for example, for Tutankhamun pendant with Wadjet with Libyan glass scarab. Specimens can have aerodynamic features similar to meteorites as a result of being thrown into the air in a molten state.

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