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These screw onto the bases
of your 2” Telescope eyepieces allowing you to see
stunning optical detail using the various colors and coatings. (DISCLAIMER: They are also used for cameras, but I am not a photographer, so I'm not sure which types of cameras accept 48mm screw-on filters, so make sure these are right for your application/equipment before purchasing.)

These 21 Telescope/Camera Glass
Optical Filters are made in Japan, USA, (and one made in Korea).

Super high quality filters
are ground to demanding camera specifications.

This lot is “New/Old Stock”,
majority are still in original boxes with instructions inside and price tags on


1) Zykor (Japan made) IA
–Skylight – Orig. Price $9.95 (“years ago” price!)

2) Rokunar Coated (Japan
made) ND-2X – Orig. Price $16.50 (“yrs ago” price!)

3) Kalimar (Korean made) Polarizer
– Orig. Price $24.95 (“years ago” price!)

4) Vivitar (Japan made) 81-A
– Orig. Price $9.95 (“years ago” price!)

5) Vivitar (Japan made) UV
Haze – Orig. Price $16.95 (“years ago” price!)

6) Vivitar (Japan made) 82-A
Light Blue – Orig. Price $9.95 (“years ago” price!)

7) Hoya (Japan made) PL
– Orig. Price $12.95 (“years ago” price!)

8) Hoya (Japan made)
Type A Daylight – Orig. Price $28.95 (“years ago” price!)

9) Hoya (Japan made) Green
XI – Orig. Price $16.50 (“years ago” price!)

10) Hoya (Japan made)
Skylight 1B – Orig. Price $12.95 (“years ago” price!)

11) Promaster (Japan Made)
Multi-Coated IA Orig. Price: $12.95 (yrs ago!)

12) Promaster (Japan Made)
Cross, or star effect Orig. Price: $8.95 (yrs ago!)

NY (USA made) Yellow 3 (9) Orig.
Price:$12.95 (years ago price!)

NY (USA made) FLD (Flourescent) Orig.
Price:$12.95 (years ago!)

NY (USA made) Sky-1A Orig. Price:$12.95
(years ago price!)

NY (USA made) UV Haze Orig.
Price:$12.95 (years ago price!)

NY (USA made) Yellow 2 Orig.
Price:$12.95 (years ago price!)

NY (USA made) 80-C Blue Orig.
Price:$12.95 (years ago price!)

19) HCE (USA made) Red 1 – Orig. Price
$7.95 (“years ago” price!)

20) HCE (USA made) 85-B Orange – Orig. Price $7.95 (“years ago”

21) HCE (USA made) B-18 Lt. Blue – Orig. Price
$7.95 (“years ago” price!)

With my calculator, I came
up with a $283.05 Total Value (Old Prices!) for this lot, but it could vary (+or- $7.95) if I
accidentally entered or missed a tag!

Please look closely at pics,
and ask questions before purchasing. I strive for 100% pleased buyers, so
please contact me after receiving shipment if you have an issue, rather than
leaving negative feedback. I will reimburse full price on returns and pay for
your return postage. I want this to be a great experience for you!

Thanks for looking.

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