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MallinCam SkyRaider 440 DSC Astronomical Camera. 
(Brand New in Box)

PictureCapable of exposures >60sec
PictureWell suited to observing Deep Sky Objects
PictureWell suited to observing Solar System Objects
PictureControl & output via USB
"The latest in Sony CCD technology combined with powerful software put this USB camera on the cutting edge of live observing."

The software package features the most advanced live video imaging system ever created. MallinCam has created the world's first software with the on-the-fly Dark Field Correction System eliminating the need of a Peltier cooler under live application and yet retaining the best low noise live image ever encountered on the market today. A MallinCam Advanced exclusive, the MallinCam Dark Field Correction feature is unique to the MallinCam SkyRaider Series of cameras. Images can be saved in the same manner or video files can be created with the same On-The-Fly Dark Field Correction. Among other advanced features,
A Star Registration for stacking images live has been created. Taking images with super short exposures and with a ALT-AZ  mounted telescope is now possible.

A live on-the-fly histogram make final image adjustment possible to produce the finest live image, with the option to save your view as a image or video file. The MallinCam SkyRaider-DS features the world renowned Hyper circuit with a buffered variable gain. The Hyper circuit is used in our other camera designs and allows a user to increase sensitivity with low noise without increasing exposure time. A MallinCam Exclusive. Installation of the Hyper circuit in the SkyRaider-DS differs from other MallinCam cameras in that it uses a buffered electronic section to keep noise to a low level and still can be used with the Live MC Dark Field Subtraction for even lower noise and can be used with the Star Registration Stacking System.  The MallinCam SkyRaider-DS features dual independent on board memory, ensuring separate video / imaging signal / data from the camera control through USB2 demand. No other video CCD camera system has these exciting unique features on the market today. The MallinCam SkyRaider-DS uses a two stage step up voltage driver to operate the CCD sensor to its maximum sensitivity at 15.3 volts from a 5 volts source. A MallinCam unique feature not found on any other video CCD cameras using USB2 system.

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