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MallinCam Xtreme Color Video Imaging Camera. (Pre-Owned)
*Included: Power supply AC,  25 ft Video Cable,  Frame-Grabber (Usually optional)Xtreme Mallin CCD Camera with dust seal and  1.25” Nosepiece.
*This unit was only used twice.


  • Computerized adjustable mild Peltier thermoelectric cooler (TEC)   
  • Hand picked Class 1 CCD sensor (Grade A).  (Class 0 CCD Sensor available as an option - when available, $139.95 Extra)  (EXview HAD CCD Sensor with greater sensitivity available as option )   
  • RS 232 interface offering complete PC camera control using the Control Cable and FREE MallinCam Control Software. A Serial Port is needed on the PC, and if one is not available, a USB to Serial Adapter can be utilized.   
  • Full Shutter Speed Adjustment including OFF, 1/100, 1/120, 1/180, 1/250, 1/350,1/500, 1/750, 1/1,000, 1/1,500, ½,000, 1/3,000, ¼,000, 1/6,000, 1/8,000, and 1/12,000 second making it possible for Lunar, Planetary and Solar (with the proper USER supplied H-Alpha or White Light Filters). There is no need to use an aperture mask to reduce the telescope’s light gathering ability.   
  • Long exposure modes including 2X, 4X, 6X, 8X, 12X, 16X, 24X, 32X, 48X, 64X, 96X, and 128X or 1/32th of a second to 2.1 seconds 
  • Hyper Mode with 3.3 Second to 100 Minute Exposure Times – all with Full Automatic image Refresh.  
  • On Board Title Generator that allows for the placement of the name of the object being viewed on the monitor. This is excellent for group viewings at museums, planetariums, educational facilities and star parties or while broadcasting over the Night Skies Network.   
  • Programmable Back Light Compensation Mode (BLC)   
  • FULL AGC Adjustment (GAIN) in Auto Mode, Manual Mode (for Deep Sky targets) and OFF (for Deep Sky targets, and Lunar, Planetary, and Solar observing)   
  • Full White Balance Control (W/B). Chose between Fully Automatic White Balance Control (AWC), Auto Trace White Balance Control (ATW), or Manual White Balance Control including presets for 5600K, 3200K (Infrared) or User Defined Blue and Red Color.   
  • Two Fully Independent Video Outputs - High Resolution S-Video and 75 Ohm Composite (Both can be used simultaneously!) 
  • Four Programmable Mask Functions – allow for the creation of Electronic Cross Hairs or other Manual Guiding Functions 
  • Positive and Negative Image Selection 
  • Horizontal Image Inversion (mirror effect) 
  • Vertical Image Inversion (mirror effect) 
  • Freeze Image Function 
  • Sensitivity Priority Function 
  • Gamma Selection (0.45 or 1.00) 
  • APC Function (Advanced Pixel Control to eliminate all stars artifacts or enhance DSO details) 
  • High Light Adjust Function (Electronic Coronagraph and Electronic Stellar Coronagraph) 
  • Color Bar Generator 
  • Full Digital Zoom (Up to 2X in 16 steps)

Note: Returns accepted (Within 7 Days)  if everything is not exactly described as in this listing. Buy with Confidence! 

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