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What's in the Box

2x Power Doubling Lens with built-in T-adapter

#80A Blue Planetary Filter

#56 Light Green Planetary Filter

#25 Red Planetary Filter

Storage Case

Mars Observing Accessory Kit Celestron telescope using 1.25" eyepieces #94312 . Condition is New.

Doubling Lens also features built-in T-threads to attach a DSLR camera (T-ring not included)

All pieces in the kit can also be used to view Jupiter, Saturn, the Moon and many other astronomical objects


#80A Light Blue Planetary - Helpful in studying surface features and polar caps.

#56 Green Planetary Filter - Excellent for increased contrast of Martian polar caps, low clouds, and yellowish dust storms.

#25 Red Planetary Filter - Reduces light from blue and green areas, which darkens the maria and oases, while lightening the orange-hued desert region. Sharpens the boundaries of yellow dust clouds

Brand New
. Shipped USPS first class.

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