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This is the Meade 1.25-inch Electronic Eyepiece
Original imaging video-out cable
(RCA yellow),
These are fun and easy to use and will work on any tv screen, older computer monitors, and the earlier flat screens/lcds. 
Once you plug the yellow cable
into this eyepiece and to your monitor of choice, you will be able to show live
images of the Moon, brighter planets, very brightest stars and daytime-viewed
objects on the screen. The wheel seen just above the chrome barrel is the
contrast enhance wheel, which you turn until you see the clearest image on your
screen. When the 9-volt battery
needs changing, simply unscrew the top end of the body (no tools needed) and
carefully pull-out the battery. Very easy to do and to use.

This will work in ANY
1.25" focuser made by any major manufacturer.

you want to use this on a small telescope focuser with a .965-inch
barrel size, simply unscrew the chrome barrel and it will now fit the
smaller size!
Cool! For a time, Orbitor also sold these "video eyepieces" came from the same plant in China. Both work the same way.

note that since this camera eyepiece uses only one format for color,
images given on your screen will be monochrome (black and white).

Stands exactly
4.39-inches as seen.

Weighs exactly 6-ounces
with battery installed.

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