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Meade 494 Autostar Controller for ETX 60 70 
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#494 Autostar Computer Controller: With the standard-equipment Meade Autostar Computer Controller plugged into the control panel of your DS telescope, locating any astronomical object in the sky is as easy as pushing a button. Identical in operating characteristics to the Autostar controller available for the Meade ETX-70AT telescope, Autostar for DS telescopes is easy to use, even for the beginner who has never before operated a telescope.

#494 Autostar Computer Controller

Autostar's celestial object database includes more than 1500 astronomical objects, any of which may be entered on to the Autostar display; alternately, the Right Ascension and Declination of any object in the sky may be input to the Autostar display. In either case when the observer presses GO TO, the telescope automatically moves to the object at 4.5°/sec. on both telescope axes, and places the object in the telescopic field of view. Autostar's database for DS-2000 telescopes includes the following celestial objects:

Deep-space objects from the Index Catalog (IC) and New General Catalog (NGC): 66 named objects (e.g., the Orion Nebula) 74 galaxies 31 diffuse nebulae 19 planetary nebulae 135 star clusters Other deep-space objects: 109 objects from the Caldwell Catalog of the best objects for small telescopes 110 Messier (M) objects; the complete Messier catalog 943 stars from the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO) catalog, including 395 double stars, 189 variable stars, and other stars of special note In the Solar System: 50 Earth-orbiting satellites 26 asteroids, including all of the brightest asteroids 15 periodic comets 8 major planets, from Mercury to Pluto ______ 1586 objects, total

Additional Capabilities: Beyond the location of database objects, Autostar allows for a wide range of important ? indeed revolutionary ? telescope capabilities:

Automatic GO TO capability to any astronomical object of known coordinates (RA and Dec.). Enter an object's coordinates to the Autostar display, press GO TO, and Autostar moves the telescope to locate the object and place it in the telescopic field.

Digital Readouts of telescope position, continuously in RA and Dec.

Precise sidereal-rate tracking. Once Autostar locates an object, it directs the telescope to track the object automatically on both telescope axes, simultaneously, keeping the object centered in the field.

9-Speed Dual-Axis Operation. Use Autostar's pushbuttons to move the telescope on either or both axes, simultaneously, at any of nine drive speeds, from very slow 2x sidereal to fast 4.5°/second.

GO TO capability to any of 200 user-defined objects.

Use Meade StarNavigator sky software, included with every DS telescope, on your PC to GO TO any object on the PC display at a click of the mouse. (Requires optional #506 Connector Cable Set).

Plus: over 20 other menu options, including guided tours of the best objects observable on any specified date; major event menus; utility functions (e.g., timer, alarm, eyepiece power calculations); and much more.

For the beginning or intermediate observer Autostar is a revelation that permits the observation of hundreds of objects the very first night out. And, with its wide-ranging capabilities, Autostar is a valuable tool in the hands of the most experienced observer as well.

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