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This is a like-new Meade Color Filter System that I purchased for use with my LX200 telescope, but never got the ability to spend time with it due to work. It is in mint condition and is 100% working. I also purchased a number of additional color filters for it, which I will include in this kit. From the manufacturer:

The Pictor 616 Color Filter System connects directly, without any adjoining cables, to the CCD head of Meade Pictor 416XT, and 1616XTE imaging cameras. The 616 includes 6 rotatable filter positions, with filter rotation driven by a small, internal stepper motor powered through the CCD head. Attachment to the telescope is by means of a standard 1.25" barrel. 
The 616 rotating filter system receives electronic instructions from the CCD imager head. The system automatically initializes itself when connected, and, after first-time-only instruction from the user as to the relative locations of the color filters, operation of the filter system can be either completely automatic, with exposure times and filter rotation directed by the imager software, or manual, depending on the user's wishes. 
The following filters are included with each 616 unit: B-440 Blue; G-550 Green; LA-200 Red; NA-45 Clear. One filter position is left open, so that the filter system need not be detached when unfiltered CCD operation is desired. Importantly, all of these filters are interference filters, not the more common, and less expensive, Wratten filters; as a result, Pictor 616 filters have much higher peak transmissions, and more closely resemble the color response of the human eye, than do other CCD filter systems. 
Combined with a Meade Pictor CCD imager, the 616 Color Filter System brings fine, high-quality tri-color imaging to the average amateur, and without the extremely tedious trial-and-error approach previously required. 
I purchased this for $705 when it was new, but am willing to let it go to a good home for just $249! 
All questions are welcome!

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