Escondido CA---The musical The Fantasticks with music through Harvey Schmidt and lyrics through Tom Jones had been originally an off-Broadway creation that ran an overall of 42 a few years 17162 performances so that it is the worlds lengthiest running musical. They have six characters Matt a Boy Louisa a woman Huckaby the Boys pops Bellomy the Girls father Henry an old actor Mortimer his or her sidekick The Silence a mute plus the Narrator El Gallo.
The fact that it has a tiny cast with a smart set and a tearjerker associated with an opening number Try To Remember sung attractively by El Gallo Randall Dodge the no wonder it is the most produced musicals around the state. It is now in a fairly flawless production on the Welk Resorts Theatre under the direction of Lewis Limon with musical overseer Justin Gray on key-boards and Celia Chan Valerio playing your harp. Meade 8 lx 10 schmidt-cassegrain telescope
The story line is simple. Good friends and others who live nearby Huckaby and Bellomy build a wall separating their properties and pretend to become mortal enemies from the guise of tempting their kids to defy their wishes to stay away from the other person.
Well boys being boys and girls being women they meet privately and fall in love as well as plan to run off and get married in spite of what they have to think their dads want. This will become problematic for the men because now they have to let their children throughout on their little deceptiveness.
They devise an idea with the help of El Gallo to hire a few traveling actors in order to rape later transformed to the politically correct abduct your Louisa so that Matt can conserve her bring the woman back the hero and the fathers are able to bless their union. Effortlessly it backfires on them and once Louisa and Matt learn the truth. It goes via bad to worse when they turn away from each other go off in numerous directions to grow right up discover the world out there and to find themselves.
Every time I see The Fantasticks I wonder how and why it started to be and still is so well-known and why I am not as enamored with it just like my many cinema pals. The one and only melody Try To Remember is truly beautiful and does hit some far away memories of prior longings but the rest of the audio is wily nily ridiculous like Plant a Radish sung by the a pair of fathers whose growing plants skills are seeing that different as night is from day along with the story slight as it is is only as alluring delightful and creative out of the box Act I. By Act II night settles in and the rape or abduction scenes become heavy given and at odds with all the overall feel on the first act.
To never take anything outside the overall production the show at the Welk is in good hands using its talented ensemble. At the top of the list is Randall Avoid whose rich baritone speech is such a satisfaction to hear and that is a natural as your guide El Gallo. He is within every scene strolling us through the entire tale with just a hint connected with naughtiness glowing in his skeptical smile.
Both Michaelia Leigh in addition to Benjamin Zep Misek are correctly a matched Louisa and also Matt. Michaelias voice simply beautiful. Both are persuading in the acting section as well. Brett Daniels and Dirk Rogers engage in well off each other since the pairs fathers along with Walter Smith and also Shaun Leslie Jones as the ageing actor or actress and his Indian partner are fun to watch for a while but their shtick gets fatigued fast. Michael Lopez can be cute as a key as the Mute.
Carlotta Malone matched up the everyday hunting costumes and Jennifer Edwards lighting design is perfect. Robert Buckleys props suggest an open arranged design as per recommendations allowing for the creative thinking to fill in your blanks while any white curtain dangling from a rod with the words The Fantasticks branded across hides the actual props. When the curtain will be brought down a substantial Sun is halted in the air a hierarchy an old trunk and many backyard gardening utensils with some left over family junk can be seen regenerating against other props.
Here is the creative world of theater as seen through the eyes of He Jones and Harvey Schmidts formation where mind and illusion do everything for us.
BTW Randall Dodge is Fan tas tik

View you at the theatre.

Schedules- through April Third
Organization- Welk Resort Cinema
Phone- 760-749-3448
Production Variety- Musical
Where- 8890Lawrence Welk Travel Escondido
Ticket Prices- 37.00-47.Double zero show only 49.00-63.00 show and self serve buffet lunch or dinner
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