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DS tripod base with an adapter plate( 3/4" plywood, semi-finished) for ETX 60/70/80/90. Strong leg locks, no cracks, good foot pads, includes eyepiece tray, the black/copper tripod is 24 1/2" collapsed/38 1/2" tall, silver tripods are a few inches taller, the wood adapter plate is about 7 1/2" wide. Tripod can be used with a DS GoTo Black/Blue Ring mount, an ETX telescope or an Edmond's Astroscan/Bushnell telescope. The telescopes in the pictures are not included.  In some photos the adapter plate appears to be off set but it is not, it is concentric.  The eyepiece trays are DS factory original.  The listing  is for the copper/black/silver colored tripods. Price is for one tripod. The pictures are an example of all the tripods for sale. The tripods will be disassembled for shipping. Remove the bottom battery plate for an ETX 90 and the bottom clutch plate on the ETX60/70/80. Meade Corp. says the black leg tripods are stronger than the silver tripods.  These tripods do not have any of the advanced functions that Meade #883 and #884 tripods have, that means no: tilt plate, RA movement, DEC movement, lock nuts of any kind other than the mounting bolts.With this one tripod you can use three different telescopes. Some tripod legs have a small scratch or two-nothing serious. One 'copper/black' leg tripod and four black leg tripods remain for this listing.  SPECIFY  'copper leg', 'black leg' tripod or silver leg,    if you do not specify  I  will send you a 'black leg' tripod until they are all sold then the copper one if not sold.

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