There are other advantages of contraceptive pills apart from offering protection against maternity. Today many gals especially teenage women use birth control tablets not only to protect them form being pregnant but cure acne. The birth control pills are therapeutic for women who have skin prone to pimples. So the women who have skin color problems can always seek advice from a gynecologist rather than a dermatologist.In The late nineties the US Food and Drug Administration FDA accepted low dosage birth prevention pills for the treating acne. There are youngsters who are more prone to pimples. According to the severity of your acne the doctor recommends different creams prescription antibiotics and other strong remedies even birth control drugs. Meade eq-1 slowotion control The pills could stabilize the changing hormones that cause zits. Therefore doctors in addition to dermatologist often recommend birth control pills.Mostly you develop acne breakouts during the time of adolescence. It truly is when your hormones level begins to rise. The particular sebaceous glands located in the base of each hair follicle produce surplus oil. This extra oil combines having dead skin cells and dust is trapped inside skins pores hence forming acne.Birth control pills are also approved for moderate to severe acne if some other medications do not remedy. The hormone seen in the birth control tablets prevents acne to form. Most of the birth control tablets can be used for the treatment of zits so it does not matter which usually pill you take. But the duration for the tablets to work for the prevention of acne breakouts are longer and you have to get patience for that. You will need several months for the birth control pills to show the results. But because of its very low dosage these pills are not recommended for birth control method.To take birth control drugs for the prevention of pregnancy or the treatment of acne is the right as well as a medical decision. Before you take such a determination you should be aware of all the details related to it. Apart from the gains it also has several side effects such as penile bleeding fluid preservation melasma and depression. These kinds of pills also have some risks connected to that such as heart attacks strokes blood clots and cancer of the breast. The smokers have more chances of getting most cancers if they take contraceptive pills. So once you take a decision possibly be clear about all the facts associated to it. Employing birth control pills for the treatment of acne is merely a temporary solution. It is often seen that women who take birth control pills regarding prevention of acne come across their acne returning after they stop using the pills. They also see that the acne became worse than before.A combination of estrogen and also progestin hormones is present in various combinations in most birth control pills. This pills that contain estrogen and progestin hormones along with higher androgen which is a men hormone are more likely to help make acne worse. Occasionally it is seen how the birth control pills command acne but it generally depends on the skin form hygiene habits and heredity factors.

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