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Meade ETX-125EC Astro Telescope
Manufactured entirely at Meade's Irvine, California facility, ETX Maksutov-Cassegrain telescopes produce optical performance and resolution that equal or exceed any Maksutov optics of similar apertures ever manufactured at any price, past or present.  Their optics are so high in contrast, image brightness, and resolution that the ETX-125 often outperforms many telescopes of larger apertures.  This model is built on the original ETX concept to create the most advanced electronically controlled telescopes, ever produced in their price range.  And yet, they don't sacrifice any of the user-friendly features that started the ETX revolution.
With twice the light collecting area of the Meade ETX-90EC, the Meade ETX-125EC permits a much broader range of astronomical study.  Jupiter's cloud belts, for example , are observable at a significantly heightened level of detail, with whirls and festoons and the Great Red Spot readily visible as they transit the planet's disc.  Microfine lunar detail beyond the reach of smaller telescopes can be resolved in the Meade ETX-125EC.  Looking to deep space, the ETX-125EC's larger aperture enables the observation of galaxies and nebulae in much wider extension.  The entire Messier listing of 110 objects is now not only visible, but every object additionally takes on a readily discernible structure.
The observer who accepts astronomy as a serious field of interest will find the Meade ETX-125EC a deeply satisfying instrument for a lifetime of high-resolution astronomical study.
Includes EXT Deluxe Field Tripod, ($200 Retail),  Meade Short Focus Barlow, ($50 Retail),  12.4mm Meade Eyepiece, ($80 Retail),  40mm Meade eyepiece, ($100 Retail),  Meade 45 Degree Erecting Prism, ($40 Retail)   Instruction Manual
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