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This Meade Etx125-EC telescope comes in a custom fitted, Peiican 1620 hard case and all the best OEM accessories. Due to the considerable size and weight, I have listed for Pick-up only. If you want to negotiate a deal to ship, let me know and we can talk. 
  Genuine Meade Accessories Included:

  • Qty. (10) Meade Premium 4000 Series Super Plossl Eyepieces. Sizes 6.4mm, 9.7mm, 12.4mm, 15mm, 20mm, 26mm, 32mm and 40mm and 13.8mm Wide Angle and Meade #140 2X Telenegative Amplifier (Barlow Lens). Protection provided by Meade Lockable, Aluminum Hard Case. (2) keys included.
  • Meade #884 Deluxe Field Tripod w/ Meade Soft Case
  • Meade #497 ETX Autostar Electronic Computer Controller (original controller also included)
  • Meade #1247 Electric Focuser
  • Pelican Model 1620 Custom Fitted Hard Case
  • All Related Instruction Manuals conveniently stored in a three ring binder 

With the photos as my witness, this Meade ETX Telescope and included accessories are in immaculate condition with the only flaw being a small tear at the narrow end of tripod's soft case. Functionality of all items is 100%. Please check my feedback as a seller and be confident items are exactly as described.
Just FYI, The value of these accessories amount to more than that of the Telescope. If you're interested  in purchasing only theTelescope and Pelican case, the cost is $499.00. Just contact me and I will re-list it for you.

Meade ETX125-EC Telescope:  

Manufactured entirely at Meade's Irvine, California, facility, ETX Maksutov-Cassegrain telescopes produce optical performance and resolution that equal or exceed any Maksutov optics of similar apertures ever manufactured at any price, past or present. Their optics are so high in contrast, image brightness, and resolution that the ETX-90EC and ETX-125EC often outperform many telescopes of larger apertures. These models build on the original ETX concept to create the most advanced electronically controlled telescopes--including optional automatic go-to-object location with the Autostar computer controller--ever produced in their price range. And yet they don't sacrifice any of the user-friendly features that started the ETX revolution.

With twice the light-collecting area of the Meade ETX-90EC, the Meade ETX-125EC permits a much broader range of astronomical study. Jupiter's cloud belts, for example, are observable at a significantly heightened level of detail, with whirls and festoons and the Great Red Spot readily visible as they transit the planet's disc. The Cassini division in Saturn's rings is routinely seen, as are additional features of the planet's surface, even under less than perfect seeing conditions. Microfine lunar detail beyond the reach of smaller telescopes can be resolved in the Meade ETX-125EC. Looking to deep space, the ETX-125EC's larger aperture enables the observation of galaxies and nebulae in much wider extension. The entire Messier listing of 110 objects is now not only visible, but every object additionally takes on a readily discernible structure.

Fork Mounts with Standard-Equipment Dual-Axis Drive System and Electronic Controller. 

The fork mountings of ETX Maksutov-Cassegrain models include high-torque DC motors on both telescope axes, permitting electronic operation from the standard-equipment plug-in hand controller. Use the pushbutton electronic controller at any of four dual-axis speeds: 8x sidereal for image centering in the main telescope at high power; 32x for image centering at lower powers or for pushbutton object-tracking in the altazimuth mode; 0.75°/second for image centering in the viewfinder or for terrestrial tracking; 5°/second for fast slewing across the sky. The observer can instantly select any of these speeds simply by depressing the SPEED button on the controller
Altazimuth or Equatorial Operation: With the telescope placed in the altazimuth mode on a table, astronomical object-tracking may be accomplished from the directional pushbuttons of the hand controller. Fully automatic astronomical tracking in the altazimuth mode may be accomplished with the optional Autostar Computer Controller. Alternately, any ETX telescope may be mounted in the equatorial orientation, using either an optional Table Tripod or the Deluxe Field Tripod. In this latter case the telescope tracks celestial objects automatically at the sidereal rate. 
Cordless Field Operation The drive base of each telescope accepts eight (user-supplied) AA-batteries that power the telescope for more than 40 hours of normal usage, negating any requirement for an external power source in the field. Alternately, the telescope may be powered from an automobile cigarette lighter plug, using the optional #607 Power Cord
Flip-Mirror System: Flip the internal, optical-flat mirror "up" for observing in the standard 90° position; flip the mirror "down" for terrestrial observing with the optional #932 45° Erecting Prism or for photography with the optional #64 T-Adapter
Materials and Coatings: ETX optical systems include a Maksutov meniscus corrector lens of Grade-A BK7 optical glass. This lens is individually hand-figured by a Meade master optician to achieve an optical null in combination with the Pyrex primary mirror. High transmission magnesium fluoride (MgF2) coatings on both sides of the correcting lens, as well as aluminum/silicon monoxide coatings on the primary and secondary mirrors, are provided as standard equipment.

Meade Series 4000 Super Plossl eyepieces:

Utilizing the very latest in optical glass types, the Series 4000 eyepieces represent an excellent general-purpose eyepiece. Engineered with a high quality 4-element design and offering a generous 52° apparent field of view, the eyepiece uses premium grade optical glass with multi-layer coatings and blackened lens edges for great image sharpness and contrast. Eye relief is 18mm.

Features a precision made standard 1.25" barrel and fold down rubber eyeguard for comfortable viewing as well as blocking stray light. Parafocal with other eyepieces of this series to minimize the need to refocus when switching eyepieces.

Meade Model #497 Autostar Electronic Computer Controller:

The Meade #497 Autostar Computer Controller turns the ETX Series Telescope into an automatic celestial object locating system. Just plug the Autostar into the telescope's HBX port in place of the standard-equipment Electronic Controller, do a quick (less than one minute!) telescope alignment, and you're ready to observe any object in the Autostar's 30,000-object on-board database

.Automatic GO TO capability to any of the 30,000 objects in the controllers database or literally any astronomical object of known right Ascension and Declination.Just enter the object's RA and Dec. from a star catalog or monthly magazine, press GO TO and the telescope automatically slews to the object, placing it in the field of view. Once an object is located, the telescope automatically tracks it and keeps it centered in the field of view. 

9-Speed Dual-Axis Operation: Use the Autostar pushbuttons to move the telescope on either or both axes, simultaneously, at any of nine drive speeds, from 2x sidereal to 5°/second.9-Speed Dual-Axis Operation: Use the Autostar pushbuttons to move the telescope on either or both axes, simultaneously, at any of nine drive speeds, from 2x sidereal to 5°/second.

200 User-Defined Objects: The observer can add the locations of up to 200 objects of his/her choosing, store these objects in Autostar's memory, and call them up at any time

Conveniently operate accessories like the electric focuser by simply plugging them into the controller

Meade Model #1247 Electric Focuser:

Engineered for smooth, rapid focusing of the image with any Meade ETX 125 Scope model and includes coarse and microfine speeds. Focuser can be plugged into telescope's control panel and operated via the standard equipment hand controller or plugged in directly to and operated by the Meade #497 Autostar Electronic Computer Controller included in this auction.

Meade Model #884 Deluxe Field Tripod:
The full-length #884 Deluxe Field Tripod is constructed of strong, lightweight steel, and provides a rigid mounting platform for virtually any observing application with any of the ETX Series Telescopes.

Tripod height is continuously adjustable from 25" to 43" to allow for standing or seated observations. A graduated scale for elevation angle permits precise polar alignment of the telescope's fork mount for astronomical applications with the standard-equipment Electronic Controller; elevation angle can be fixed at any observing latitude between 20° and 90°.

For Autostar applications, or for land viewing, where altazimuth orientation of the telescope is desirable, the tripod head tilts and locks to 90°. Net tripod weight is 11 lbs. Included with the tripod is a custom-fitted carry bag with strap, handles and pocket for accessories.

Pelican Model 1620 Protector Case:

Made in the USA, these tough cases are designed with an automatic purge valve, that equalizes air pressure, a watertight silicone O-ring lid, over-molded rubber handles and stainless steel hardware. Features Include:

  • 4 level Pick N Pluck™ with convoluted lid foam
  • Strong polyurethane wheels with stainless steel bearings
  • Watertight, crushproof, and dustproof
  • Open cell core with solid wall design - strong, light weight
  • Retractable extension handle
  • Fold down handles
  • Easy open Double Throw latches
  • Stainless steel hardware and padlock protectors
  • Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve - balances interior pressure, keeps water out
  • O-ring seal

Thank you for your interest!!

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