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Meade ETX-60 Digital Telescope with eyepieces MA9mm Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.

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Product InformationFor the avid stargazer or amateur astronomer, common planets, stars, and constellations such as Orion are like old friends in the night sky. Don't settle for viewing them with the naked eye or the minor magnification of binoculars. Take a close-up look at all of the celestial features you've been missing out on with the Meade ETX-60 AT refractor telescope. Designed with the novice astronomy buff in mind, Meade ETX-60 telescopes have stunning optics and serve up sharp images of objects in space. The compact size of this 60mm f/5.8 achromatic refraction-type telescope means that it is easy to pack and take with you to various viewing locations. With a powerful 39x magnifying capability, you'll feel as if you are tethered to the International Space Station rather than standing in your own back yard. This wide-field, deep-sky telescope returns crystal clear images with either 90-degree or straight-through observation positions. The eyepiece can be replaced with specialty eyepieces, such as a Barlow lens, for specific viewing purposes. The variable focal length allows the telescope to focus on terrestrial objects as well as those light years away. Satisfy your astronomical curiosities with the Meade ETX-60AT refractor telescope. Setup is a breeze for the ETX-60AT. Once out of the box, simply install one of two high-quality eyepieces and six AA batteries for a whopping 20 hours of use. The Meade ETX can be used either on a tabletop or with accessories such as a tripod mount. Designed with budding astronomers in mind, the Meade telescope is easy to use as well. Set your site location by selecting a city from the given list. Once outdoors, the scope can be aligned by one of three methods. Beginners may prefer the Easy Align feature, which uses the telescope's computer to choose two stars to align itself with and make automatic adjustments. More experienced stargazers may prefer the One Star Align or Two Star Align features, in which the user manually chooses which stars and other objects to view. Consult the user manual for easy-to-follow instructions. Once aligned, the Meade ETX will automatically bring any of the 1,400 pre-programmed stellar objects into view with the push of a few cursor buttons on the attached electronic hand controller. Whether you are searching the sky for Jupiter, Orion, or Aldebaran, the Meade ETX will auto rotate and find the object for you. The ETX-60AT is compatible with most Autostar computer software accessories via a serial interface adapter. These accessories include Starry Night, Deepsky 2000, and Skymap. Updates on the positions of moving objects such as satellites and comets, as well as the locations of newly discovered objects, can be downloaded when the telescope is connected to your personal PC. The Autostar program will also provide important astronomy information about the objects being viewed, including their age, distance from Earth, and spectral types.Smaller than many similar telescopes, the Meade ETX-60 has dimensions of 21.2 inches by 13.2 inches by 7.6 inches and weighs 10.2 pounds. These telescopes can be used with computers and a variety of available accessories, including eyepieces and tripods.
Product IdentifiersBrandMeadeMPN0605-04-21UPC0709942350005, 0709942990249, 0709942350029ModelETX-60 ATeBay Product ID (ePID)54822771
Product Key FeaturesMount TypeAltazimuthFocal Length13.8in. (350mm)TypeRefractor
Additional Product FeaturesMax. MagnificationX 36.1

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Meade ETX-60AT


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