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Telescopes are an excellent way to explore the skies and locate specific objects with better results than with binoculars, even from quality brands, such as Celestron. The Meade ETX-70 telescope is a quality telescope at an affordable price. The company is known for quality scopes, implementing emerging technologies, and the best accessories. The quality components and easy operation make this an excellent choice for a first telescope for kids and adults with an interest in astronomy. The Meade ETX-70 telescope is an achromatic refractor and features a fast focal ratio, quality optics, and exceptional optical and lens technology. The Meade ETX-70 is designed with motor control mount technology to move with precision. The AUTOSTAR allows you to align the Meade ETX telescope so it will point at the object that you want to see through the eyepiece. The technology tracks the objects and compensates for the rotation of the earth. You can quickly switch between objects from the AUTOSTAR database to bring them into your visual field to see them easily through the eyepiece. Telescopes can be large and cumbersome to move, but this Meade telescope is lightweight and portable enough to satisfy the needs of all users, from kids and amateur astronomers to students and serious enthusiasts. When setting up the ETX-70AT, the most difficult part is to level it and ensure that it is pointed north. You begin by entering the date, time, and your location before locating two stars. To align it, set the scope on the tripod, center the first star, press enter, and then move on to the second star, pressing enter again. Once it is set up, you can enter the object you want to see, and the telescope will beep until it is ready to be viewed through the eyepiece. Telescopes from popular brands like Meade and Celestron enable you to view planets, globular clusters, galaxies, and other objects that can’t be seen with the naked eye. This Meade telescope offers an impressive view of the A and B rings of Saturn, Jupiter and its four largest moons, Mars and its polar ice caps, Orion nebula, horsehead nebula, the moon, and much more. The Meade ETX telescope with tripod is a refractor telescope with an objective diameter of 70mm, focal length of 350mm, photographic speed or focal ratio of f/5.0, and resolving power of 1.6 arcseconds. The eyepieces have a focal length of 25mm and 9mm. The telescope mount features 2x sidereal slew speeds and a GOTO electronic control system. The GOTO system is an excellent feature on the Meade ETX-70 telescope that allows users to spend more time enjoying the view rather than spending the entire time searching for objects. When you have found the object, center on it and press enter, which allows it to synchronize to the object and is particularly useful when finding darker or faint objects. This Meade telescope has a port at the back that can be used to attach an SLR camera to take photographs. As with all telescopes, a dark sky is preferable, especially for viewing smaller objects. The Meade ETX telescope comes with two eyepieces, an easy-to-operate focus knob controller, and accessories. The Meade ETX70 telescope operates on 6 AA batteries.

Product Identifiers
Brand Meade
MPN 3082180, 2005EMED07050406, 7.05E13, 2005WMED07050406, 7050410, 07050410, 2005NMED07050406, 7050401, ETX70AT, 110075, 2005SMED07050406, 7050406
Model ETX-70
eBay Product ID (ePID) 54819361
Product Key Features
Mount Type Altazimuth
Optical Diameter 2.8in. (70mm)
Motorized Yes
Focal Length 13.8in. (350mm)
Measurement 240x70mm
Type Refractor
Lens Size 2.8in. (70mm)
Additional Product Features
Max. Magnification X 240
Aperture 70mm

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