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Meade ETX-LS 8" Telescope

This is an essentially new telescope. It was opened, set up, and turned on once, I was blown away by the this telescope however I need a smaller more portable scope. This is a monster photon bucket and you will be able to see amazing things as I have. Pictures were taken of the telescope with the intent to sell it, and re-boxed.  If you go to the Meade website, you will easily find all the info about this amazing instrument, in better detail than I can provide here.  It includes accessories as well, including a Barlow lens (Meade07273LF #126 2x Tele negative lens), eyepiece holder (Meade 07182LF), 4 color filters (Meade 07530 Series 4000, Color Filter Set #1, [#12, 23A, 58, and80A]), a Super Plossi eyepiece (Meade Series 4000 26mm (07175-02LF)), and adiagonal prism (Meade 07202LF). It also comes with a very sturdy steel tripodand a video monitor.  I paid over$2,000 for it, plus more for the accessories.  

Telescope Date Code: 101512; SerialNumber: LS104726.


LightSwitch Technology is the ultimate in easy setup. Using a combination of optical,mechanical
and electronic sensors, LightSwitch delivers a telescope ready to startobservations without any
input from the user.
Optics: Your choice of optical systems to meet your needs. Meade’s Schmidt-Cassegrain (SC)optics
give you high performance for the best possible price. Water-white glass,Ultra-High Transmission
Coatings (UHTC) and over sized, thermally-stable Pyrex® primary mirrors provide spectacular
viewing experience not available on comparable competitors’ telescopes.Advanced Coma-Free
takes all of the features of our SC models and then ups the ante. ACF gives aflatter, coma-free
field of view with pinpoint images all the way to the edge of the field,equaling Ritchey-Crétien
performance. ACF is the perfect solution for the serious astroimager or visualastronomer looking
for observatory-class optics.
Mechanics: Strongand stable aluminum castings with large precision worm-gear drives in both axesfor smooth
tracking with low periodic error.


AutoStar III handbox gives you complete control of your LS system from the palm of your hand.
With a database of nearly 100,000 objects, you will never run out of things to explore.

Multimedia: The Astronomer Inside™ provides audio andvideo descriptions of the objects you are viewing
with a wealth of information along with guided tours of the best objects inyour sky.
Imaging: The built-in ECLIPS™ CCD Module enables you to takewide-field digital images of the sky, view
them real time with an attached video monitor and save them to an SD cardwithout using and
external computer.

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