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GentlyUsed Telescope -- 12"F5 (1524 mm focal length) Meade Lightbridge with AstroZap shroud and28mm (54X) wide-angle eyepiece. Orion Lasermate DeluxeCollimator is included.

This12-inch telescope gathers lots of light and is a good instrument forobserving Solar system as well as deep-sky objects. Details on thesurface of the Moon stand out clearly using the moon filter (toreduce the brightness). You can view all the planets, clearly seeingJupiter’s atmospheric bands and its major moons, Saturn’s ringsand several moons, Uranus and Neptune. Globular clusters,multiple star systems, nebulae and galaxies can also be seen, evenfrom moderately light-polluted skies. Under dark skies, details indistant objects are even more striking. Do not attempt to viewthe Sun through this telescope without a suitable solar filter (notincluded).

Thetelescope disassembles and reassembles easily for transporting todark sky sites. The AstroZap shroud keeps ambient light from enteringfrom the sides of the instrument and helps to stabilize air currents,reducing the buildup of dew on the mirror. A fan mounted behind themirror also helps reduce dew buildupon the mirror (uses 8 AA batteries). The "Wheeley Bars"cart is listed separately***

Economyshipping is included. Local pick-up is also available. Baltimore/Washington region.

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