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Meade LNT Smart Finder Replacement Part for ETX PE Series & others

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Note: Holes are 18mm center to center inline with the tube. Hole pattern must match on your tube to avoid having to drill holes. Please check out the gallery picture.

Looking for a smart finder module for your ETX 90, 125 or LX90 scope?  This finder helps you find objects and helps in getting the scope aligned with level and north.  This one comes with a phone type jack to plug into your auxiliary port.  The smart finder is a red dot finder with electronics inside and lets the scope know where north is and allows the mount to level the scope automatically.  This makes the initial alignment much easier.

here is info from Meade about it:

LNT Module: This assembly has sensors which automatically determines North, and detects
the level and tilt of the telescope during automatic alignment.   The LNT Module also supplies the time and date to AutoStar.
The time is set at the factory.

Plug the SmartFinder coil cord into one of the AUX ports  on the
computer control panel.

Using SmartFinder:  As with most astronomical telescopes, an eyepiece presents a narrow field of view to the
observer. As a result it is sometimes difficult to locate objects just using your eyepiece. The
SmartFinder has a projected red dot that helps you to locate objects as you move your
telescope. See page 10 for more information about the SmartFinder’s Finder Set menu.
To turn on SmartFinder’s red dot (continuous, without blinking):
1. Press and hold AutoStar’s MODE key for two seconds. R.A and Dec. coordinates
2. Keep pressing the Scroll Down key until “Finder Set: Set” displays.
3. Press ENTER. “Finder Set: Intensity” displays.
4. Press ENTER. “Finder: Blink On” displays.
5. Press Scroll Down key. A time value, in seconds, displays. For example, “00.5” may
display. “00.5” is the amount of time, in seconds, that the red dot will blink “on.”
(For this example, you may select or enter any value except “00.0.”) Press ENTER.
6. Press Scroll Down key“Finder: Blink Off” displays.
7. Press ENTER. Use the Number keys to enter “00.0” or press the Scroll Down
key until “00.0” displays. “00.0” is the amount of time in seconds that the
red dot will remain “off.” This value, along with the value you chose in the
“Finder: Blink On” menu, allows the red dot to remain on without blinking.
“00.0” means there is no “off” time, so the dot will remain on continuously,
without blinking.
8. Use these menus to set other blink rates. For example, If you select “00.2” in
the Blink On menu, and “00.1” in the Blink Off menu, the red dot will blink on
for .2 seconds and then blink off for .1 second, and then repeat the cycle until
you change the values again.
9. Press and hold MODE to exit this function.
Check this alignment on a celestial object, such as the Moon or a bright star, and make
any nec

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