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Meade LX65 8" f/10 ACF Catadioptric Telescope (OTA only)

  • Meade LX65 8" f/10 ACF Catadioptric Telescope (OTA only)
    Optical Tube assembly only , will fit Vixen style dovetail receptacle used by majority of mount manufacturers .
    Meade Instruments built the LX65 8" f/10 ACF Catadioptric Telescope utilizing their Advanced Coma-Free (ACF) catadioptric-variant design to reduce color fringing and off-axis comas and to enable it to clearly resolve dim deep-sky objects , Planets and easily split binary stars with tack-sharp clarity. 
    A true-multi purpose telescope. 

    The ACF system is Meade's Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTC) system that vastly  improves light transmission through the entire light path across the whole visible spectrum. Dual combination of high-transmittance lens coatings and highly reflective mirror coatings boosts image brightness to maximum effect , while minimizing internal and external light loss and diffraction. Developed by Meade Engineers and exclusive to Meade Instruments telescopes.

    1. 203mm (8") aperture gathers enough light for viewing within the solar system , such as the Moon, Jupiter Saturn, Mars and Venus as well as deep-sky objects like nebula, galaxies, and globular clusters.
    2.  f/10 focal Ratio. (Can be converted to F6.3 with optional reducer)
    3. Long 2032mm focal length provides a high magnification potential
    4. Catadioptric light path produces long effective focal lengths in a small OTA to make it powerful, yet easier to store, transport, and set up. It’s lightweight!
    5. Advanced Coma-Free (ACF) optical design corrects astigmatism and off-axis comas better than similar Cassegrain configurations due to Meade’s unique design. 
    6. Single-speed internal focusing mechanism.

    Optical Design:

    1. Advanced Coma-Free System:Reduces off-axis comas and astigmatism for sharper images
    2. Eliminates diffraction spikes for better resolution
    3. Aplanatic design produces flat, distortion-free images across the field of view—especially at the edges
    4. Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTC):  (Proprietary to Meade Instruments)All corrector plate and mirror surfaces are fully multi-coated
    5. Engineered to optimize visual, photographic, and CCD imaging
    6. Improve light transmission across the entire visible spectrum through the optical path
    7. Corrector plate coatings made up of multiple layers of aluminum oxide (Al2O3), titanium dioxide (TiO2), and magnesium fluoride (MgF2)
    8. Mirror coatings consist of aluminum with multi-layer coatings of titanium dioxide (TiO2) and silicon dioxide (SiO2)
    9. Vixen-style dovetail plate is compatible with a wide variety of mounts
    • OTA weight: 11.1 pounds
    • Included Accessories:
    • *Meade Super Plossl 26mm eyepiece 1.25”.  (Gives 79 x magnification)
    • Threaded to accept filters.
    • * Eyepiece /nosepiece holder 1.25”. (Optional accessories allows the use of camera adaptor for Digital SLR and 2” eyepieces)
    • * Meade Star Diagonal 1.25” for right angle viewing.


    • Unmagnified view has  a wide field of view for easier alignment and faster star-hopping navigation
    • Also has Multiple intensity levels ensure reticle (red)  visibility without affecting your night-adjusted vision

    1 year Manufacturers warranty 

    • (#228014) Meade LX65 8" f/10 ACF Catadioptric Telescope (OTA only)

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