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Please read complete description. Please do not make payment until you understand shipping terms noted at the bottom of this description.

Used lxd75 mount in proper working order. Tracks well. The only know issue is the snap cover for one of the motor service opening is long gone and hast been taped over with black out tape. As and light leak will throw off the tracking encoders. It’s a good mount. With some minor cosmetic issues such as the mentioned and pictured tape over motor cover, Velcro and tape on the legs which if it bothers you will easily come off with a bit of goof off. Which I haven’t done because the smell of goof off bothers me more than a piece of tape. Are few nicks in the paint you might want to polish it. Otherwise a good intact mount.

Includes counter-weight, weight bar, tripod and auto star hand control.

Local pick-up will receive an invoice reflecting no shipping charge.

If you are located within fifty miles of Florissant Colorado I’m willing to meet halfway.

PLEASE NOTE: this mount comes with no instruction or assembly diagram. I strongly suggest you don’t bid on this item unless you are certain you can assemble the mount. And note the tripod is packed completely apart. The legs and thrust washers have been remove for reduced shipping cost. The spreader bar is unclipped form the head and attachment rod. Please don’t bid on this tripod if you don’t understood what I’m taking about. Se shipping info below.

Note: Not pictured but included is the little cone shaped cover for the polar finder.

IMPORTANT SHIPPING NOTE. The most economical way I can figure to ship this is priority mail. All the heavy stuff in two flat rate boxes. The tripod legs in a separate box too large for flat rate. About 7 dollars can be saved by down grading the tripod keg box to ground select. But I’m not sure all boxes would arrive a the same time. I can ship UPS or Fedx but that would require an additional 50 miles to driving for me to drop off. So a 20 dollar sir charge for any shipping other thank USPO. Please feel free to ask for any clarification.

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