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Meade model 644 CCD flip mirror system 
excellent condition..basically new..bought but went another direction
Meade #644 CCD Photo Visual Flip Mirror System (1.25") with UHTC 07578 is an essential for astrophotography or especially CCD imaging . The Meade Flip Mirror System, once calibrated, permits a dramatic reduction in imager setup time. 
The basic function of Meade CCD Flip Mirror System is to allow the CCD imager or astrophotographer to inspect, center, compose, and focus the telescopic image immediately prior to the (CCD or photographic) image being taken. Threaded to the rear cell of any Meade LX Series mirror-lens telescope or to other Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope brands , #644 Meade Flip Mirrors greatly facilitate these operations. 
Applications : Flip the Mirror down to center the image while viewing with an eyepiece at 90°; flip the mirror up to pass light on to the CCD chip or, as discussed below, to the film plane of a 35mm camera . A fine helicoid focusing thread allows for precise focusing of the eyepiece to the visual image in the down mode, and a lock-ring fixes this visual focus. 
Optical Flat Mirrors : Meade Flip-Mirror Systems incorporate the same high-resolution UHTC coated Pyrex optical flat mirrors as used with Meade advanced telescope models, including Meade LX Telescopes. The result is that Meade Flip Mirrors may be equally well used for normal visual observing with the telescope, without requiring removal of the flip - mirror from the telescope. 

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