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This listing includes the following Meade Series 4000 eyepieces:
1-13.8mm Super Wide Angle 6 Elements1-18mm    Super Wide Angle 6 Elements1-24.5mm Super Wide Angle 6 Elements 1-32mm    Super Wide Angle 6 Elements 1-40mm    Super Wide Angle 6 Elements 1-4.7mm   Ultra Wide Angle   8 Elements 1-6.7mm   Ultra Wide Angle   8 Elements 1-8.8mm   Ultra Wide Angle   8 Elements 1-14mm    Ultra Wide Angle   8 Elements 
All of these eyepieces are in excellent condition. Some of them may have been used once or twice. I used the 14mm UWA about ten times. There are a few scratches on the barrel of this eyepiece. These scratches are shown in the last photo. There are minor scratches on some of the barrels of the other eyepieces. Otherwise they are free of any scratches. This was the complete set of Series 4000 UWA and SWA Meade eyepieces listed in their ad at the back of Sky and Telescope in June and July of 1994 during the Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 era. Thank you for looking.

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