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Hello, I am selling my MEADE SERIES 6000 80MM APO TRIPLET REFRACTOR.  This  MEADE SERIES 6000 80MM, is new, I bought is about two months ago and never used it, the second time I opened the case was to take the pictures for this ad. 


I am only selling this so I can put the money toward a Schmidt-Cassegrain.


*****Please be aware that due to eBay scams I am aware of from selling things in the past, I will not ship or sell to anyone international.  In addition to that, the only valid form of payment I will accept is through PayPal. With that being said, I will not accept any requests to handle payment differently, especially after the purchase has been made.  The payment must be made through PayPal, and only via the account that was used to make the purchase.  Please be advised that if you have a new eBay account with no previously verified purchases, don’t use this purchase to verify that account because I will not accept the transaction.  I also will not ship to any other address, accept what is listed on the PayPal account, and the camera will only ship once the confirmed payment has gone through. The previously mentioned required are the best way to protect myself, and the buyer during this transaction, as all the previously mentioned requirements do a better job protecting against common eBay scams. *****

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