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  Meade Series 4000 model# 140: 2X Telenegative Amplifier (Barlow Lens) 1-1/4" OD (Air-Spaced Triplet Lens, MultiCoated).

The most advanced Barlow lens yet developed for commercial
telescopes, the Meade #140 2x Apochromatic Barlow includes a 3-element,
air-spaced telenegative lens unmatched in image resolution, contrast,
and color correction.

Used with any telescope; refractor, reflector, or Schmidt-Cassegrain —
equipped with a focuser accepting standard 1.25" barrel-diameter
eyepieces, this Barlow doubles the telescope's effective focal length,
thereby doubling the effective eyepiece magnification. With a diagonal
mirror or prism placed between the Barlow and an eyepiece (e.g., in
applications with refractors or Schmidt-Cassegrains), effective eyepiece
magnification is approximately tripled.

The #140 optically complements Meade Series 4000 eyepieces, while
enhancing the performance of other eyepieces as well. Mechanical
components are of machined aluminum and brass. Lens diameter is 28mm;
clear aperture is 26mm. 

The multi-coated optics of the #140
Barlow provide maximum light transmission and image contrast. Thousands
of these Meade Barlow systems are now in use by advanced amateurs
worldwide. There is no finer Barlow available.

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