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MEADE TELESCOPE DS-114 AT REFLECTING NEW Open box. Looks like everything is here. Someone started to open and assemble  but didn't finish. 
from the manufacturer
Meade's DS-114 reflecting telescope offers a large aperture, high-quality optics, and easy push-button electronic operation, making it a perfect instrument for the serious beginner or intermediate observer. It features improved mounting for precise, smooth altitude and azimuth movements. Its high-resolution, multicoated primary and secondary mirrors are free of the optical zones and irregularities often found on optics of lesser quality. It includes the Meade handheld electronic controller, which allows for four-speed push-button operation and easy object location and tracking. It also includes Meade's StarNavigator software, which displays more than 10,000 celestial objects for help in locating galaxies, nebulae, star clusters, stars, and planets. It comes with a full-length adjustable heavy-duty aluminum tripod with accessory shelf.
The DS-114 exhibits Meade's fine attention to detail and quality. It offers a resolving power of 1.5 arcseconds, a limiting visual magnitude of 11.6, a 275x maximum practical visual power, and a 6mm by 30mm viewfinder. Its large 114mm aperture allows you to observe celestial objects like the rings of Saturn, Saturn's largest satellite, Titan, the moon-like phases of Venus, and hundreds of deep-space phenomena like galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters.
The DS-114EC is also built to be fully compatible with Meade's Autostar computer controller, for automatic location and tracking of celestial objects

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