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Meade #07524 911B Broadband Nebular Filter for SCT - Rear Cell

Note:  This filter only works with schmidt cassegrain telescopes.  It screws onto the back of the tube.  it will not screw into either a 1.25" or 2" eyepiece.

Meade Series 4000 #911B Broadband Nebular Filters incorporate the very latest in interference coatings technology. Each filter includes more than 40 coating layers to reject, with precision, unwanted light from urban light pollution while passing critical nebular emissions with minimal reduction.The Meade #911B Broadband Nebular Filter strongly rejects the light of sodium and mercury vapor lights as well as natural airglow and auroral emissions. Conversely, the strong nebular emission spectral lines, transmitting in the visually sensitive regions primarily at 486nm (Hydrogen Beta, or H) and 496 to 501nm (Oxygen-III, or OIII), are passed through the filter with high transmission percentages. The effect of the filter is that nebular light reaching the eye is observed visually in dramatically increased detail, while the effects of unwanted city lights are greatly reduced.

The Meade #911B Broadband Filter also passes photographically-important Hydrogen Alpha nebular light at 656nm largely unattenuated, making the filter a valuable aid in the photography of deep-space emission nebulae as well. The contrast between galaxies and the night-sky backdrop is also typically enhanced by the filter, but because galaxies and star clusters, both open and globular, emit light in a much broader range of wavelengths than nebulae, the effect is generally not as dramatic in these cases.The Meade #911B Broadband Nebular Filter threads onto the rear cell Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes, essentially converting it into basic "nebular mode" for visual observing or for photography with a T-Adapter or Off-Axis Guider. Clear aperture is 36mm.

This filter is great for folks living in the city and want to filter out street lights and also good for deep sky viewing.  This filter screws on the rear cell of most SCT scopes.  This filter is made in Japan and is very well made. Grab it for the lowest price on the WEB!  We also have a great selection of telescope parts and accessories - we have hard to find parts!


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