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This auction is for a Meade 1.25-inch MA25mm eyepiece with multicoated optics. Comes in a the plastic container, pictured. Excellent, clean condition.

I will ship within one day of your payment. Our store is known for packing our products very well.

I borrowed this description from an identical sold listing:

"This generation of the Meade Modified Achromat (3 element Kellner-based format) 25mm eyepiece was manufactured at their Taiwan plant. This is a solid aluminum and brass ocular and has a good quality feel to it when held. It is not a plastic novelty eyepiece. Unlike the 1st generation (Towa of Japan) MAs, this version has the multicoatings. The earliest models were fully coated.

An eyepiece of this make and design is perfect for medium low power viewing of just about any object from the Moon to M42, M45, M57, and M35. It is also an outstanding daytime observation eyepiece with very comfortable eye relief, and generous exit pupil (don't have to squint), and the field of view is right at 45-degrees.

Because this is a Kellner-style ocular, it will do fine in any scope, but will do its best in focal ratios above f/7. F/9 or slower and it will be excellent. Avoid, if you can, rich field scopes like the Orion Short Tube 80 and 90, f/5.6 maksutov spotters, and the Edmund Scientific Astroscan2001. These eyepieces will work in them, but they will have soft edges."

If you have a doublet achromat like a Unitron 102 or a Celestron Firstscope 80, it will give sharp views, but there will be false color seen. This is not a true apochromat eyepiece. But hey, for the price, it is outstanding."

Thank you for buying from JamiesGames.

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