Superior Strength Equipment and Flooring Solutions
Leisure Inc. is the sole distributor in Bahrain for Magnum strength equipment and specialized flooring solutions for fitness area. Click here for the Magnum Fitness Systems Catalogue
A Premium Line of Cardio Fitness Gear
Leisure Inc. will be the sole distributor in Bahrain for Genuine Fitness the best cardiovascular fitness machines available at this time. Genuine premium cardio machines are constructed for facilities that want only the quite very best for their members guest or residents. Whether or not youre a fee primarily based hotel non-for-profit or personal instruction facility Accurate top quality enhances the reputation of any fitness operation.
Genuine Fitness is a Fitness center Gear in Bahrain and distributed by Leisure Inc.
Accurate Fitness and see the innovations True has developed in Fitness Gear in Bahrain-
True Fitness
Frank Trulaske founder and CEO of Correct has had the same simple philosophy of delivering superior merchandise service and help for more than 29 years. Proud manufacturing and innovation across the full item line has created True productive and would be the trademark of your Genuine heritage. Meades lx62120 10 inch f63 sct accessories
Today True would be the top quality and efficiency normal in premium cardio-equipment for commercial and residential markets.
TRUEs purpose will be to deliver the best premium gear treadmills elliptical cross-trainers and fitness bikes. Accurate is intended to become the most effective for those that demand the most beneficial. Grow to be a a part of the Genuine expertise.
A background of innovation
Initially treadmill to possess a removable security crucial
Very first to introduce a belt tracking manual
To begin with to introduce interval heart rate control
Initially to introduce heart rate handle on a treadmill
Initial to present orthopedic belts on treadmills
1st to give isolated upper-body-only elliptical workout
Initial to feature soft-step orthopedic footpads on an elliptical
Magnums passion for perfection delivers the highest requirements of safety durability reliability and user satisfaction.

Bahrain Gym Flooring Equipment
Flooring Options gym-flooring option in Bahrain
Magnums flooring solutions give the right alternative for all kinds of fitness regions. Interlocking tiles and superior rubber flooring from 38 inch to 34 inch are readily available using a option of colors to match your individual design and notion.

Over the previous twenty 5 years Magnum has become a trusted name within the fitness market by constructing integrity in to the solutions. Each and every item receives steadfast commitment to craftsmanship as well because the highest caliber of professionalism to assist you and your clients accomplish success.
Totally free Weights and Fitness Accessories Omni fitness kettle fitness-equipment gymnasium
Leisure Inc. will be the sole distributor in Bahrain for OMNI totally free weights possibly the finest absolutely free excess weight and accessories on the planet nowadays.

Click right here for OMNI Free of charge Weights Fitness Accessories
OMNI Fitness fitness-equipment-gym

OMNI has over 20 years of excellence in manufacturing the premium materials to provide the best range of specialized free of charge excess weight personal training and fitness center accessories readily available within the market these days. Durable and aesthetically pleasing the rack systems look great in any fitness environment.

OMNI is totally focused on delivering premium quality goods that provide innovative functional performance integrating sustainable technologies to support active lifestyles. Our brands and items aim to educate and inform to deliver improved performance and enhanced fitness teaching.
The OMNI vision is always to stand out from the crowd by helping users to get the most effective out of their purchases empowering them to incorporate fitness and health into their daily routines.
Leisure Inc can supply a complete range or accessories as you need them.

Call Leisure Inc for an appointment and catalogue within the Kingdom of Bahrain Seef District 20620 TEL 973 7713666 - FAX 973 1758 3773 Meades lx62120 10 inch f63 sct accessories In the early Fifties all major auto companies were trying to top the level of resistance by introducing a new state-of-the-art automobile with all-new hair styling along with a more impressive engine. Meanwhile Chevrolet appeared to be stuck within a rut each Chevy from 1929 to 1954 had exactly the same six-cylinder engine under the hood. Chevrolet had been giving up its edge as a sporty yet inexpensive motor vehicle maker but the tides will change together with the 1955 Chevy
The 1955 Chevrolet available a shift in design as well as function. The modern 265 cubic inch V-8 engine was most likely the greatest cause of the popularity of the 55 Chevy and the collection of the Turbo-Fire V-8 provided some extra for automobile enthusiasts with between 162 as well as 180 horsepower.

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