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During the winter vacation in 2013, I stayed in college to prepare for The Securities Qualification Certification Exam.One night, I stood on the balcony of university dormitory to watch the moon and took a breath of fresh air.Then a meteor pierced the sky. I was stunned. It was my first time seeing a meteor in my life. I quickly made a wish.When the meteor crossed the sky, I also feel a very strong charred smell.I realized that the smell was raised by the falling star rock rubbing against the air.Then soon I heard a loud noise.I visually observed the location of the fall on the balcony, which was the university playground.I hurried over to find this meteorite for a long time, and finally found it on the edge of the basketball court.I was ecstatic in that moment.It was the first time that I really saw and touched the meteorite with my own eyes and my own hands.It was so delicate, every small pore was so perfect, it was simply a work of art.I have been carefully collecting this meteorite. It is my treasure. To be honest, I am really reluctant. I think this meteorite is a gift from God to me.Reason for the auction is that I am eager to go to France for further study for master degree.My family is not wealthy, I can't afford living expenses and tuition. It almost needs 140000USD dollars.I hope that this meteorite and this meteor can help me realize my dream of further study.

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