Meteorite Low

Science homework help please?

Explain too please (: True or false

1) In 1969, the first American set foot on the earth.
2) The moon formed after Earth
3) The moon's surface is covered with craters that were formed by meteorites hitting it.
4) The moon has active volcanoes
5) I got it
6) I got it
7) The moon's noticeable affect on Earth is ocean tides
8) There is one high tide and one low tide a day
9) The moon produces its own light
10) The line separating the light from dark sections of the moon is called the "terminator"
11) We see every angle of the moon
12) An "eclipse" happens when the moon casts a shadow on Earth
13) There are about 30 moons in our solar system.

1) true Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon July 21, 1969
2) I don't know
3) true because the moon doesn't have an atmosphere
4) false the moon doesn't have active volcanoes since it cooled off
5) skip
6) skip
7) true the earth and moon have a gravitational pull so they affect tides
8) false there is usually two high and low tides a day
9) false the moon reflects light from the sun
10) true
11) false the moon rotates with the same cycle as Earth so we only see one side
12) true it's a lunar eclipse there is also a solar eclipse
13) false Jupiter by itself already has 63

hope this was helpful

JMDMT #153 Microfossils of Cyanobacteria in Carbonaceous Meteorites

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