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Meteorite Tektite Rough Rock Black Stone Thai Amulet Ulakamanee Decor Copper Coils Original Natural Space
DescriptionCondition : NewQuantity :  1 PCSize         :  Height  5 Cms. / Width  3.5 Cms.Material  : Tektite with Copper Coils & Mulberry Paper Box  Colors    :  Natural Tektite (As Picture)
Our Story :  "Ulakamanee"/ Tektite / Meteorite
also known as "Ulakamanee"
, has many names called "Ukka Manee", "Kaew Khaow",
“Lunar Eclipse Gemstone”, Blue water droplets (according to their appearance),
or the Meteorite.
- All of these
words corresponding to the word "tektite" in English, with the
derivation from the word "Tektos" in Greek, meaning molten.
- The
foundations are glassy. Mostly black is like a black onyx. Some pieces have a
texture in clear brown. Some of them have a translucent green color (Moldavite)
which is actually considered a type of textite.
- The surface
of the Earth's surface is a small hole around the world. May be a long, flat,
round bar.
- Human beings
have known for a long time. It is believed to be a meteor from outer space.
That falls to the earth's surface.
- But now
scientists are studying and knowing that tektite is actually sand on Earth,
caused by the melting of heat from a meteorite impact. While the sand in that
area Melts and splashes into the sky Then resulting in freezing and freezing in
the air, Before falling back to the ground Resulting in a variety of shapes From
the nature of spattering and falling The color of the Holly Mani will be
different from birth. Which depends on the elements in the area that are
melting Which minerals are mixed with.
- The area
where the Ulakamanee was found There are only a few places in this world. And
the different ages found in Thailand, with an estimated birth date of
approximately 760,000 years, found almost all over the country But very dense
in the northeast region.

The name
of the meteorite in each area of ??the world

***  The Chinese
name is Lei-gong-mo, meaning "Inkstone of the Thundergod."

***  Aboriginal
people call the meteorite " "Maban" which means

***  In India it
is called a meteorite. "Saimantakimani" which means "the sacred
gem of Krishna"

***  The Sanskrit
name is called "Agni Mani", meaning "fire pearls" or
"tears from the moon."

***  Semites call
the stars "baetyls" which means "house of the gods".

Myths and
history about the meteoroid

-  Olden people
It is believed that the agate or the meteorite is a natural mystery. Has power
in the aspect of "fire prevention". In the past, people preferred to
put it at the altar table to prevent fires in their own houses However, because
the meteorite was resistant to abrasion and severe burns before reaching Earth
and survived, it is considered to have its own fire resistance.

-  The history
of 2,000 years ago in China, Liu Sun made the first written reference about the
meteorite, known as Lei-gong-mo, meaning "Inkstone of the lightning
god." the Thundergod) "

-  The legends
of the Indians will praise the planet as a symbol of the future or the

-  Aboriginal
people in central Australia believe that Will have the good fortune to meet
them They use meteors as jewels in tools and weapons. And believe that they can
control the weather or help hunting

-  Aborigines
of the island of Billiton, Indonesia There are abundant water droplets on this
island. And call it "Black Magic Seed", which has a lot of tin on the
island, so people believe If planting starlets in the soil Will cause abundant

-  1600 years
ago, Prince Pulavarman contained fragments of flaky stars And conquered the
kingdom of Malaya Java and nearby islands In the name of Srivichai Kingdom
Which the royal family had ruled for a thousand years

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