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Space station getting hit by a meteorite.?

The question is a lot longer than the following. I have written all useful information.

1) A hoop-like space station must have a rotational period of => 60 secconds. What does this mean If you want your space station to simulate one-g, how large must it be?

2) A hoop-like space station is spinning with the following properties:
400m in diameter, mass is 230 tonnes, mostly contained in the outer ring. Its spinning rate is 1 revolution per 80 seconds.
Now imagine that a meteorite with a mass of 200g and traveling at 40km/s hits the outer ring of the station from the top. How does the rotation about the axes change as a result of the collision?

I have done both questions, 1) i got radius = 893.65 m, 2) i got final angular momentum vector = (0,29840,12566) however my tutor said that both answers are incorrect.

Please Help.

Micrometeorite it can be.
But a meteorite?
Well I will say not.

Meteor explodes over South Africa [BEST SHOT] 9/21/09

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