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Mobiado 105GMT Gold Mechanical Watch Luxury Cell Phone - Luxcellphone

Mobiado, a Vancouver-based company, has announced the
Mobiado 105GMT
Gold, a product which the company considers to be a marriage between luxury watches and a luxury cell phone. Only 50 pieces, or masterpieces as the company chooses to call them, will be manufactured. The body of the phone has been crafted from sapphire, so too the keys. The company tells us that sapphire is a precious stone second only to diamond in wear resistance, makes you wonder if it's more apt for miners rather than the rich guys it is being targeted at. The frame of the phone is made from brass and carries a 5-micron thick coating of gold - 24 carat, no less!

Ebony wood side frames (from the same block of wood, consistency of the wood grains matters) are attached to the gold-plated main frame with the help of black color gun metal screws. The letters and numbers on the keys are hand painted, I guess that makes each piece very individualistic ( The perception of uniqueness is central to the selling of luxury goods, precious stones and gold are not enough.)

Two 25-jeweled mechanical watches further add to the cost; the company press release makes it a point to remind us that you can also see the time on the cell phone, you know... maybe if analog is not your style. And if you're feeling bored you can always watch the innards of the watch working as they are covered with transparent sapphire. I guarantee that the fascination of watching the skeleton behind the Swiss watches will never wear off!

The phone weighs a mere 250 grams and its features include quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE connectivity (850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz), dual band WCDMA connectivity (850 / 2100 MHz), 2? display, email, web browser, micro USB, 1 GB on-board memory, and more.

Mobiado has jut unveiled its second QWERTY-equipped handset, the Mobiado Grand 350 Pioneer, which is the world's first phone to "utilize the compelling beauty of meteorite."

The company says that the Mobiado Professional pays homage to NASA - more exactly, to its Pioneer 10 spacecraft. Launched 37 years ago, Pioneer 10 is the first spacecraft to travel through the Solar System's asteroid belt and is currently heading in the direction of Aldebaran (aka Alpha Tauri), the brightest star in the constellation Taurus.

There will be only 37 Mobiado GRAND 350PRLphones, each having its limited edition number engraved on the right side, and the Pioneer 10's date of launch (March 3, 1972) engraved on the left side.

What's unique about the Mobiado Grand 350 Pioneer is that its battery cover is literally made out of materials from the Gibeon meteorite, discovered in Namibia in 1836. The meteorite is believed to come from asteroid belts near Mars and Jupiter; its composition is 90% iron and 8%nickel, plus small traces of phosphorus and cobalt.

The battery cover also features a variation of the Pioneer plaques (which were placed on board of Pioneer 10 in order to provide info about the human race in case the spacecraft is intercepted by extraterrestrial beings).

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Mobiado 105GMT
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Why is it that "metal" has been found in some meteorite samples ?

I find it very strange how a maufactured product such as "metal" can be found in some meteorite samples, especially when you consider the strict processes involved to make metal in the first place. If anyone can explain to me how these metals happen to be in meteorites, I would appreciate your answer !

it only means that metal is a possible common element of the whole universe which can lead to my conclusion that we are not alone in this vast universe since metal might be in use by other "beings"

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