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Hello up for sale is a super high quality Tektite from Southeast Asia known as a Indochinite from the Indochinese peninsula. Tektites are terrestrial rock melted and flung into the atmosphere by the force of an asteroid or comet impact, so they are actually not a meteorite but the result of one. This piece weighs 58.88 grams, comes with COA card and is a very desirable flat dumbbell shape, extremely dark black glassy look. It is composed of a fairly homogeneous composition, virtually no water and high in Silica. Indochinites are unique compared to other tektites in that many re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere in a molten, or at least semi-molten, state. Very rarely, Indochinites may develop an Anda-type sculpture which is highly desired for the collectior. These tektites have been shown by K-Ar radiometric age dating to be approximately 700,000 years old!!! Thanks and have a nice day.

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