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As the technology improves, you may notice laptop clamshells appear sleeker and thinner than ever before. Many are made available in standard colors like slate blue and silver, yet are still attractive and functional.

Of course, no two laptop users are the same, just as no two laptops are used for the same purpose. The serious businessperson will appreciate the design of his laptop as is, and leave all the necessary bells and whistles on the hard drive. For the creative user who wishes to establish an identity, a laptop skin may be the ticket for computer enhancement.

What is a laptop skin? Essentially, it is a vinyl covering that affixes to the top shell of the laptop computer. As you open your laptop to work, whether at school or the coffeehouse, people will be able to see the design of your choosing. Think of it as wallpaper for the outside of the computer. Laptop skins may replicate famous artworks or display logos of favorite sports team, or may enhance the look of your computer with a psychedelic or quirky design.

A quick Internet search for laptop skins will land you hundred of leads on retailers. Depending upon the style and size of the skin, you can expect to pay at least twenty dollars to dress up your computer.

Why do you need a laptop skin? Some might dismiss skins as a frivolity, but under certain circumstances laptop skins can be quite functional.


When you create a custom designed laptop skin, you are creating an identity. In a sea of conformity, where everybody uses similar styles of computers, one can get lost. Having a laptop skin reflects your personality and may even establish your unique qualities. Plus, if you're in a crowd and have set down your computer, you will be able to find it much more quickly!


Depending upon the style of skin you use, you might find it protects the clamshell quite well. Having a laptop skin can guard your shell from dings and scratches and whatever else befalls a computer during transit.


A custom laptop skin can enhance your brand, which is especially helpful if you sell products. Create a custom skin with your business logo, URL, or phone number. Your laptop becomes a small billboard that everybody will see as you work in coffee shops or other public places that offer free wireless. Twenty dollars is great investment for lasting advertising.

Whether you use your laptop for business or pleasure, you can jazz up the staid appearance with a functional, attractive skin. Show your true colors!

Kathryn Lively is a freelance writer for Virginia companies, including The Computer Connection, affordable military computer financing.

Why did I have this dream?

I was a soldier with my troop in the US, in some major city, and then, everything shattered, time moved slowly, and millions of people died instantly, and somehow i knew ten or so nuclear bombs were dropped across the US. As I lay dying, in my last moments, i saw several helicopters land and a foreign military came in with flamethrowers and machine guns, and gas masks, and killed every single squirming soldier, and civilian. They kept on shooting even when the people were dead. They mutilated the bodies. Then I died and went to an aerial view, zooming in on random spots of the US for a few seconds, and the same scene was everywhere, the army was crippled, and civilians were being massacred. It was a bitter end.

I woke up with a feeling of no hope for mankind.
its weird because i'm not a soldier and the world didnt end (yet)
lol..not really bro..
and cod 5 combined
i bet its cod 4

i dunno dude but it sounds like an awesome video game.

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