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Essential Stag Weekend Survival Tips

Stag Weekend Essential Survival Tips

A stag weekend can be a test of endurance for many.  Gone are the days where all you’d get on a stag weekend were a couple of pints and a cigar at your local pub. Now they are bigger and better than ever. With activities ranging from paintballing, quad biking to clay pigeon shooting, to a meal out, pubs, clubs, casinos and gentleman’s clubs there’s no end to the enjoyment on a stag weekend. So if you find yourself about to embark on a stag weekend, remember to consider the following survival hints.

Start well rested
If you are about to go on a stag weekend, that is possible two nights and three days of adventure. It’s going to be tiring so try and remember to start off well rested and ready to pace yourself. There are going to be late nights and little sleep whilst you are with your stag group so try and get in as much rest before you go.

Not the coolest part of a stag weekend, but it is important to keep hydrated especially if you are planning on doing high action activities and then going out drinking on the evening. If you are running round during the day time paintballing for example, it’s important that you keep drinking water to keep up your concentration levels and your energy. A heavy night drinking will have a much worse affect on you if you haven’t been drinking water before, during or after you hit the booze. It may not seem very macho, but you’ll be thanking us when you’re the only one whose head isn’t pounding the following morning.

Fry Up
If the night before has been a little on the heavy side, you can expect some of the guys calling for a fry  up the following morning. If you are feeling a little hung-over then a fry up is an enjoyable cure for most – as well as setting you up for any strenuous activities that day. The fat in a fry up contains many calories and you’ll need these for energy. Eggs are also known for containing Cystene, which is useful for flushing out the toxins you may have put into your body the night before!

If there is any chance of getting some sleep on a stag do then try and take it especially if you’re there for a long weekend and you know you won’t function the next day without catching some zzzzzs. It might seem that you’ll miss something great at the time but chances are you’ll appreciate feeling a bit more together the next day when you have to do the celebrations all over again!

If you manage to achieve even just a few of these tips it will go a long way to help you last to the end of your stag weekend in one piece!

For more information about suriving your stag weekend see: http://www.thestagcompany.com/stag-weekend-tips/

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